Picard Breaks In A New First Officer

Deleted scene…

…Picard all Captainy. Watch the Alpha Male staredown.

Picard is doing the whole Tit for Tat strategy too. He starts out nice and welcoming as the default opening, but as soon as the line is crossed, he bumps back. The whole bridge crew knows what’s coming and just enjoys watching it play out.

Then when the moment is passed, it’s passed… and he continues on with a perfectly calm and rational interaction with his First Officer.

Sexy Move: Leftovers for Dinner

I haven’t written about cooking for a long long time… the short version being that women are driven crazy by the question, “What’s for dinner?” and supplying a food source is always a good thing. The basic rules for my recipes are that it has to be brain dead easy to make, come out great and that kids will eat it.

Here are some of my approaches to leftovers… you’ll need a good non-stick fry pan, high heat, and not much else.

Bacon and Onion Salvation

(1) About half a standard size pack of bacon, slice up into one inch lengths (or slightly less) and toss into the pan.

(2) One medium sized onion. Peel it and chop into small pieces. Add to the pan. Cook the bacon and the onion until the point the bacon is starting to crisp and the onion carmelize a little.

(3) Chop and add whatever leftovers you have to the pan. (Jennifer: By “whatever leftovers”, he means some meat and some sort of vegetable, maybe some potatoes, not last night’s pizza) Cook until it’s all hot. No seasoning needed whatsoever. Works amazing with any kind of leftover meat. Using bacon will cover any weaknesses in skill you have.

Serve with red wine.

Kelbasa and Mushroom Blitz

(1)  Chop the Kelbasa into half inch circles. Toss into the pan.

(2) Rinse and pare the mushroom stalks off, but you can probably keep the mushrooms whole.

(3) Chop and add whatever leftover vegetables or starch (potatoes, rice) you have to the pan. Cook until it’s all hot. No seasoning needed as the kelbasa is plenty juicy and will coat everything in flavor. Once you see the mushrooms starting to shrink you’re all set to remove from heat. Works great even when you don’t have any leftover meat. You can have a frozen kelbasa in the fridge for emergency dinners.

Yeah I know the kids won’t eat the mushrooms. That just means more for me!

Serve with red wine.

Chinese Renaissance

(1) Take leftover chinese takeout and add all the rice to the pan and get it started heating up.

(2) Take the remainder of the chinese takeout and chop it up and add to the pan. Pay no heed to the dishes, simply add it all in one great heap. It’s all chinese food so it all will work together, just trust me on that. Seriously, chop a spring roll up. Add noodles. The chicken and cashews. The dumplings. The sesame chicken. The garlic beef. Everything goes in the pan together. No seasoning needed. Heat and eat, BAM and you’re done. It will be different every time you make it.

Serve with plum wine if you have it, othewise a white.

Hibachi Style Stir Fry

(1)  When you have leftover rice of any kind, throw it all in the pan with a little oil.

(2)  Season the rice with some soy sauce and hot sesame oil / mongolian fire oil.

(3)  chop and add vegetables / leftovers.

(4)  When everything is cooked properly, push it all to one side of the fry pan so you have half the fry pan clear.

(5)  Whip two eggs and dump in the open fry pan area, it will cook VERY QUICKLY, so keep the egg moving and scramble it as fast as it cooks. Just rake the egg into tiny pieces and as soon as it cooks, mix it all in with the rest of the food and serve. This is a 30-60 second move at most. Otherwise the egg will over-cook.

Serve with beer.

Things to Think About Adding

Peanuts. Seriously, peanuts turn a dull dish into something that says, “Hey wow, there’s fucking peanuts in here. That’s awesome.”

Peppers. Not the bitter feminist green peppers, I’m talking the yellow, orange or red ones. They are sweeter and you can eat them raw, so undercooking means you just pretend you meant to do it that way. They are bright and festive looking.

Meatloaf. Cut into small cubes. It will do better than you think.

Sweetcorn. Just slice it straight off the cob and it will break up nicely in the pan. Can use canned if you want it.

Minced garlic. Want.

Potatoes…. roast  or baked leftovers. Chop in half inch bits.

Green beans. Nuff said.

Curry. Oh. My. Gawd. We have a red curry that is taking over our life. True story.

Plan B Soup and Pasta

(1) Can of soup in a pot.

(2) Add whatever leftover bits and pieces you have to the pot and heat.

(3) Pour the soup + leftover mix over pasta and serve. I’m just going to hope you know I meant cooked pasta.

Serve with arrogant confidence.

Jennifer: I testify that all of these are amazing dishes. Our eldest daughter once joked that she wanted us to buy chinese food but not eat it, just so Dad could make the Chinese Leftovers Stirfry Of Goodness the next day. 






Hell No I Won’t Go, Except This Very Last Time

Oh the drama.

Menstrual pads.


Get up out of bed and go get some.






I said NO. Go get them yourself.


Its will sufferz the displeasurez of mistress rrrrrwaaaarrkkk! Sufferz for its insolence it will rrawrk!


Alrighty…. I’ve already covered why you don’t become Menses Boy.  If her tampons or pads are on the grocery list, then sure pick them up, but there’s no emergency needs for menstrual pads that a man ever needs to be associated with. Adult women just need to handle that for themselves, end of discussion on that point. It’s not like a guy can wake his wife up at 3am and ask her to run out and buy new batteries for his mouse because he’s playing World of Warcraft and doesn’t want to get dropped from this amazing group. Adults just come prepared for life’s little problems.

So obviously you don’t want to fail the test and run about and get her menstrual pads, or his mouse batteries, but there’s potential trap in that you try and be too nice about not getting them. You try and give a fair warning that “this is the last time I’m going to do this for you” and then you go out and collect them again… one last time…

Rwarkkkkk!!! Its is threatening disobedience to mistressez rawk! Its musts be taughtz its placez raaaaaaawk!

So yeah…

“One last time” = “Please test the hell out of me until the next time.”

It’s the difference between talk and action. If you say “I won’t do that again” and yet go get them, the actual message is that you’ll go get them. Thus you’ll be asked to go get them again and again, plus whatever else idiotic chump task they can dream up for you, until you actually refuse to comply.

By actually not going and getting it, the message is you won’t comply with the tests. Thus they will diminish in the future.

It’s really no different than if you always buy candy for a crying kid in the grocery store. Saying, “Okay I’m buying you candy for the last time because you’re crying” just means the kid gets what they want and will throw a fit on cue next time they are in the store.

The testing is really all about relationship power plays, based on your personal weakness to the other person, thus there’s not really a way to pass these tests “politely.” When you play the game of Tit for Tat, they aren’t meant to like the Tat. Just respect it.

Jennifer: Rawk! I do not sound like that!




Life has been hectic. We’re through TCETSNBO finally, and all went well. Jennifer got to collect a community service award tonight… I can’t say where because that would expose her workplace unfortunately, but I am proud of her. Eldest has been having progressively less fun at her haunted house job, but only one more weekend to go… but the semi-random midnightish pickups aren’t over much fun.  Everyone has been sick at least once over the last month. Jennifer terribly so for a good four days.

I’ve been finally writing more steadily on the stuff worth money, and now Jennifer’s work crazies have settled she’s getting to read and edit the “little rule book hopefully suitable for Christmas giftage.”

Jennifer and I have been butting heads a little as well. Not fighting fighting as in “I hate this shit, why I am with you?!” but more in the how do we do things now that I’m not working a regular job and am writing full time. The whole family is calmer for it as I’ve been able to help out far more.

We’re also experimenting with far more of the sexual teasing games and have had some amazingly good sexual experiences, some unexpected hurt feelings, a much increased number of footrubs for Jennifer, total confusion, a couple of new sexual things, moderate Tumblr addiction and more frequent washing of the bedding.

Anyway, that’s it. Life goes on. We’re a good couple together and MMSL isn’t an act we’re performing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle with things once in a while too. We’re in a reconnecting phase or something. 18th wedding anniversary next month. That’s a freaking long time, half our lives have been together.

When You’d Rather Be Blue Pill

Reader:  Athol, thanks again for all your help. A few questions for you. I understand the rules of isolate and escalate, and using your idea of “always be closing” I’ve been getting much more sex than ever before. I’ve ran the MAP as best i could (always a work in progress) and I’ve clearly stated my intentions to get more sex from my wife and she’s complied. But, she’s also mentioned “not wanting to make me mad” Im I attracting my wife, or threatening her?

The rejection in the past has been so bad that I feel justified in my request that things change. But theres this feeling that some of the times are just because she doesn’t want me upset. Is this the true reality of the red pill? And when, if ever, will I quit wishing for the blue pill? The “I just want to be loved for being me” feeling? The “I wish you were into me as much as I’m into you” feeling? Is my life revolving too much around our sex life now? Is resentment innate to the red pill? Thanks again

Athol:  At some point we all feel a bit like this…

Yeah it can be hard when everything starts feeling like you’re working your marriage like a job. I think there’s a period that everyone goes through where it’s just grinding out some sort of change where you’re putting in the work, but not arriving at the results just yet.

What often seems to happen is that as the husband starts losing his oneitis for his wife, she starts falling for him more, while he struggles with continuing to care about her. Whoever loves the least in the relationship ends up controlling the relationship, so you’re experiencing that period of flux where you start caring less about her, than she cares about you.  All of which is rather cold, but it seems to be a needed step in finding what works to keep the woman most interested in and sexually responsive to the man.

You simply can’t allow a situation where you are head over heels for her, while she is actively disinterested in you. But then if you reverse that, she wants you, but you’ve stopped wanting her and are having the hamster rolling around in your own head saying, “I’m not haaaaaaappy.” Neither situation is really what you want.

The end goal can’t be to kill all hope of oneitis and achieve a male Vulcan, female Human pairing. It’s okay as a short term phase, but not sustainable as a long term arrangement. You need an appropriate and mutual oneitis exchange. I have oneitis for Jennifer, she has oneitis for me. It’s all perfectly fine to have a rational understanding of the chemicals involved in the creation of human relationships, but understanding them doesn’t mean you don’t experience them as real.

Or more simply put; it’s really nice to be in love with someone who is in love with you.

The true desired balance is a mutual oneitis. You want to feel in love with her, you want her to feel in love with you, you both want to be holding up your end of the bargain as functional adults. The only solution then is that you both need to take the Red Pill and start having a conscious relationship. Both of you need to consciously attract the other and consciously create relationship comfort for the other.

This is in no small part why women are welcome at MMSL. When all is said and done, it’s all very well being able to Game your wife. What Red Pill men really crave though is a Red Pill woman Gaming them back…

…and making a conscious choice for a life of love.

I mean Cypher’s main problem was that Trinity was into Neo and not him. Beta Orbiter rage for the loss.