Life has been hectic. We’re through TCETSNBO finally, and all went well. Jennifer got to collect a community service award tonight… I can’t say where because that would expose her workplace unfortunately, but I am proud of her. Eldest has been having progressively less fun at her haunted house job, but only one more weekend to go… but the semi-random midnightish pickups aren’t over much fun.  Everyone has been sick at least once over the last month. Jennifer terribly so for a good four days.

I’ve been finally writing more steadily on the stuff worth money, and now Jennifer’s work crazies have settled she’s getting to read and edit the “little rule book hopefully suitable for Christmas giftage.”

Jennifer and I have been butting heads a little as well. Not fighting fighting as in “I hate this shit, why I am with you?!” but more in the how do we do things now that I’m not working a regular job and am writing full time. The whole family is calmer for it as I’ve been able to help out far more.

We’re also experimenting with far more of the sexual teasing games and have had some amazingly good sexual experiences, some unexpected hurt feelings, a much increased number of footrubs for Jennifer, total confusion, a couple of new sexual things, moderate Tumblr addiction and more frequent washing of the bedding.

Anyway, that’s it. Life goes on. We’re a good couple together and MMSL isn’t an act we’re performing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle with things once in a while too. We’re in a reconnecting phase or something. 18th wedding anniversary next month. That’s a freaking long time, half our lives have been together.


  1. Way awesome, sir! And another awesome 18 to you both!

  2. …and another 18 after that!

  3. Tell Jennifer to edit the LRBHSFCG quickly – I’ve read the other two books and need to gift myself a new one! (Hopefully it will contain some detailed descriptions of the reasons for the frequent bedding changes – – for those of us that live or sex lives vicariously thru you two!)
    And congrats to her on her award and to the whole family for making it thru another year of TCETSNBO!

  4. Congrats on the anniversary, guys!

  5. It’s wonderful that you post so honestly about the regular stuff too. Thank you Athol and Jennifer for everything you’ve done with MMSL and with being so open with us all. Hope everyone feels better and gets back to regular programming soon.

  6. I hear ya on the butting heads and stress…. I feel like our Red Pill honeymoon is over this week. :(

    Congrats to Jennifer for the award, and congrats to you two for the anniversary! May you have many, many, many more. :) Can’t wait for the new little rule book!

  7. How often do you “get away”, Athol? I mean, really get away?

    I find that in all my long term relationships, my get-aways allowed the missing stage that women do seem to need so much. Hell, for many of them, it’s also a worrying stage.

    You’ve got a perfect situation to manage these get-aways: do some Meet-Ups with your fans. Set up some simple software to let you track who wants you to visit their town, and if you can get 20 fans in the same city to agree, get on a plane for a night and get out there.

    Being a stay-at-home author can destroy a lady’s desire to miss her man, to worry about him. Go for a weekend with your guy friends, or schedule weekend meetups around the country for your fans. And let her miss you and worry about you again.

  8. Gotta say, I like how you’re presenting these new challenges. Acknowledging it, but being discreet and non Drama Queen-ie about it.

  9. @ A.B. Dada

    I’m sure you (and many fellow readers) have seen this, but Ian Ironwood did a whole post to that effect.

  10. A.B. Dada says:

    @ Rob — Not familiar with that post or that site, but that hits the nail on the head, exactly.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. It’s pretty cool when you’ve been with your spouse longer than you haven’t. Congratulations!
    We’re about to hit 21 years ourselves. Similar crazy month with busy times and sickness. Oh, but wait – here come the holidays and onslaught of relatives…aaaaah!

  12. A A.B. Dada

    Found Ian through Athol some months ago. They seem to be two of the few guys talking about married Game. Slightly different focus Ian has, and he sure loves to write (translation: his posts are loooooong typically), but I really dig him.

    Glad to pass that one on.

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