I Feel An Extreme Sensation In My Head

I’ve never had such an extreme day of reader email and forum stuff to wade through. Let’s just recap some of the very basics shall we….

(1)  You can’t fix Batshit Crazy. Only medicate it, or run.

(2)  If you are being beaten by your spouse, or they are smashing up the house… film it and dial 911.

(3)  You aren’t a doctor. Don’t start, stop, change, or throw away any medication.

(4)  If there was no sex at the beginning of the marriage… don’t expect any now.

(5)  If you take a cheater back, do it only once. Otherwise you’ll just be cheated on forever.

(6)  Don’t fuck other women behind your wife’s back. Don’t send dirty texts to other women. Don’t send pictures to them. Shit tends to come back around.

(7)  Stop getting drunk.

(8)  Start working out.

(9)  If your wife disappears all weekend and comes back “with a UTI”… she cheated.

(10)  If they move all their shit out of the house without telling you why… change the locks and don’t let them come back.

Athol sleepy now….


  1. Wow. I do not envy your job, sir. (But I marvel at your results!)

  2. Define “no sex”.

  3. I won’t lie. (9) made me cackle.

  4. Regarding number one: And if you DO medicate it, there will probably be side effects that you aren’t going to like.

  5. Can't Handle Alcohol says:

    Amen on #7. Apparently 1 margarita = Nicely Interested. 1 3/4 margaritas = the bed is spinning and put a bowl by the side just in case. And a new Indian name of THF (Tells Her Fantasies).

  6. Ok, printing that out to hand out at Thanksgiving. Thanks :)

  7. I find it odd that you use words like “shit” and “fuck” on your blog, but refer to “Fitness Testing” instead of “shit-testing”. Have you adopted the female imperative on that term?

    Because I really find it useful to think of it as shit-testing instead of the noble-sounding Fitness Testing, since although it’s natural, their isn’t much noble about shit-testing.

    I didn’t adopt it, I created it and it caught on. Fitness Testing makes it much easier for women to accept as a concept. That works on the same principle as say describing an anonyous comment with a fake email as “anonyous” as opposed to “cowardly”.

  8. What is UTI?

    Urinary Tract Infection

  9. Good points, wish I would have taken them to heart decades ago. #9 especially.

  10. As a man who was married to a No. 1 before I took the red pill I highly suggest that you run from any woman that is on any psychotropic medications and in counseling. Even if the drugs “work” she will never be cured. Be doubly wary if she has changed therapists or doctors more than once for this condition. If she cannot commit to a team of professionals to help her with her Deamons she cannot truly commit to you.

    In my case something serious happened to her health in the third year of my marriage and I White Knighted. By year six I was total Beta, and in year seven she went off the deep end and did something that killed my manhood and alienated most of our friends and family. It took me almost 4 years to recover emotionally from that and over the last two years I was able to Alpha up in my marriage.

    I drove her into a whirlwind of “I can’t fight the attraction of what you are doing” and “where is my beaten beta husband”. She would not comply and own up to her destructive ways, so I divorced her. It was the greatest act of love for myself and love for her I have ever performed. Liberating. The true mark of having taken the Red Pill.

    Do not lose a decade of your life to the crazy. Tap that sex drive if they are hot enough, but keep that at arms length. I am fortunate she was unable to bear children. At least they didn’t have to suffer too.

  11. Alpha_BeatSpectrum says:

    Un Trustworthy Infidel!

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