The Riddle of Steel

Always liked these two scenes from Conan the Barbarian.


  1. You are such a nerd.

    I mean that in a good way. Good picks.

  2. Don’t you just love his approach to Crom?

  3. revrighteous says:

    One of my favorites. The original Conan was fraught with themes of masculine initiation and the paths to power under-girding all of the action and adventure. The sequel and modern remake actually had more magical elements, but lacked all the mythic themes. Total let-downs.

  4. Conan, the Musical :-)

  5. Michael Maier says:
  6. By Mitra and Crom, and by the Reeky Feet of the Sow Goddess!!!

    Bad ass. Conan is pure Alpha, no Beta at all. The perfect Bull.

    Oneitis for Valeria that never ends even after she is dead though.

  7. Do you mean Belit?!

  8. Movie!Valeria is literary!Valeria and literary!Belit in one character.

    I believe Crom would approve of movie!Conan. You have to stand like a man to talk to a god like that.

  9. coffeedoc says:

    Elmer Fudd as Conan in the musical?

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