Girl Game: Lapdance For Him (Get Into The Groove)

A forum member wants to learn how to give her husband a lapdance…

Mrsozzy:  I need to learn this stuff.  I’ve looked around and have a few ideas.  But does anyone have any kickass tips on how to lapdance?  Non-cheesy musical suggestions are especially appreciated.

Athol: It’s easy…

(1) Flick your hair.

(2) Pretend you’re in the shower soaping yourself up. This a move you can come back to over and over.

(3) Make “hungry like a lioness” eye contact.

(4) Bend down low so your boobs dangle in front of him.

(5) Turn around and walk away. Look back. Spank your ass.

(6) Act like you’ve just discovered you have boobs.

(7) Rub yourself a little through your panties. Smile.

(8) Tell him you’re an English Lit major.



PHILIP?! HEY MAN WHAT’S HAPPNIN’ PHIL?!   (Name the movie it was in.)

Okay so that was tacky…

Somehow I suspect this song is the ticket though…

(9)  Grab his cock through his pants.

(10)  Make him hold your panties.


Afterwards you ask him if he wants to get into your… groove.


  1. Not a bad list for teasing and enticing, but the point of a lap dance is the kino, Ie. touching, grinding, etc.

  2. I mentioned lapdances to my husband. I completely forget the context, but he immediately perked up at the idea.

    How do I get over the fact that (1) I have almost no natural rhythm, and (2) it feels too dominating for me? In bed, I’m mostly a sub, and lapdancing is pretty aggressive. Even the thought of doing it makes me feel awkward and stooopid. But I’d like to please my husband. The best I can think of is him putting money in my underwear in order to make himself more dominating. But any other ideas = greatly welcome.

  3. Beverly hills cop

    I love that part, the guys reaction is perfect

  4. Think slow slither.
    Eye contact.

  5. Beverly Hills Cop.

  6. lol I was just linking to 8-s Eddie Murphy the other day. Great stuff.

    btw, Eddie Murphy “Raw” is full of ultra cynical red pill humor.

  7. Make sure you’re wearing something that YOU feel crazy sexy in. That will get your confidence up and make it easier. If you start feeling self-conscious, you can always “mess up” and tell him you’re the “new girl”. Ask him to tell you what he wants to see.

  8. A nice music selection:

    You’re welcome.

  9. Thank you; going to work on some of these very soon.

  10. Erm, really? Just don’t. Men who partake of lapdancing are not alpha, they are sad needy children. Just don’t do it. Either fuck him like a real woman or tell him to go pay for women to humiliate themselves for money (in front of men who have to pay for it). Maybe he would also like you to act like a crack whore.
    ffs @Athol

  11. I would also recommend practicing submissive feminine poses that you can turn and spin into… Think 1950’s pin ups, Daisy Duke, Marilyn Monroe, Miss Universe beauty pagent, poses you see in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Hair tossed back, neck line turned to the side and exposed, back arched.

  12. @pegala…

    “Men who partake of lapdancing are not alpha, they are sad needy children. ”

    Oh get over yourself. The MMSL readership has shown it’s not susceptible to religious-style Real Man shaming, nor to game-inspired beta-shaming.

    If being sexy and fun for your man is too much, I’m sure there are plenty of women who would appreciate him more. It’s pretty simple – sexual access is the highest compliment a woman can pay a man, and the more ways a woman can find to express that to him the more it will scratch his itch for variety. TBH I’ve been very encouraged by the number of women posting at MMSL who so desperately want to please their men, if you read mainstream sources you might think all women did was bitch about their husbands while running up bills on the men’s credit cards.

  13. The tips sound funny, but there’s a sort of suspension of self-consciousness required to get used to this stuff. I had the same sort of feeling when I started practicing my game – “ok, I’m seriously going to say that to her?” After a little while it becomes fun, then becomes second nature.


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