Jennifer is Still Alive

Reader:  Athol, I read your post about your wife and the breast cancer scare. Scary stuff huh.

Some years ago I became familiar with a book “Dressed to Kill,” in which the author shared a concern that there might be a link between underwire bras and breast cancer. It wasn’t a scientific book and the author didn’t claim that kind of clout, but she seemed sincere. In the years since then I did meet a woman who mentioned she quit wearing underwires and noticed a decrease in monthly pain and lumps. I don’t know if that means lower chance of breast cancer, but it seems like it at least couldn’t hurt. I don’t know if it’s been proven or not, but if such a simple thing could improve your situation that would be great, and a low-risk private thing to try.

PS- How do you pronounce “Athol”?

Athol:  I believe there is a link between underwire bras, but not sure how strong it is. But yeah… Jennifer can have whatever bra she wants. I actually get a little short-tempered at her about timely replacement. The boobies get nestled in the lap of luxury… assuming it’s on sale of course.

Not so much a breast cancer scare as needing to repeat a mammogram. Jennifer is fine. Just a six month follow up mammogram to keep watch. I get twitchy because the first time around was just an awful clusterfuck of misdiagnosis, shitty patient care and she took nearly three years before one breast was feeling up for sexual playtime fun.

And thank you to everyone that has emailed, messaged and so to us about it. Much appreciated.

It’s pronounced   “ath” with a soft “a”… then “ill”.



  1. Trimegistus says:

    Older women tend to weigh more, have larger breasts, need underwire bras. Older women are at higher risk of breast cancer. I expect that explains it better than “having a small strip of aluminum nearby causes cancer.” Does carrying your keys in your front pocket cause testicular cancer?

  2. It’s about blood flow being reduced. Would having your keys jammed up under your balls 16 hours a day over 30 years cause testicular cancer?

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