Merry Christmas (You’re Out of the Guild)

Firstly a warning. Many F-Bombs in the video. But if you think Cartman from South Park is funny, you’ll love this video.

Secondly… Francis doesn’t look Alpha, but at least he’s prepared to kick someone who totally deserves it out of the guild.

Third… this is what a victim puke looks like. All that pent up rage built and built and built and BOOM!

Fourth… seriously what the fuck is with people who don’t install Deadly Boss Mods?


Got a “Tom” in your little guild? Always worth keeping an eye on the bank too.


And Merry Christmas…



  1. Boogie’s videos are infinitely more funny after you watch some of his storytime vids and realize he’s actually a decent, intelligent guy.

  2. I sometimes think I speak a different language than you WoW dorks but hope Y’all have a great Christmas. I love all that happens here. Mele kalikimaka!

  3. Unending Improvement (@UnendImprov) says:

    I remember back when I used to play WoW, and I was in a guild. Seemed nice and friendly, I got promoted since I helped sign the charter, and would assist the guild whenever I played. I didn’t play as much as the rest of them though, so eventually I got demoted, but still kept a relatively high position.

    I would actually donate gold and items to the Guild’s communal bank. However, one day I got on, and I made a joke that I should just collect a few things and leave the guild because it started dying off slowly. All of a sudden, the assistant GM demoted everyone to the bottom, then sends me a really snotty PM telling me I’ve been removed because I threatened to take items from the Guild bank, not even allowing me to explain it was just a joke.

    In other words, I suspect that the prick was just conducting a Ponzi scheme and made a massive profit off of the Guild bank. Not long after that, I stopped playing, and haven’t touched the game ever again.

  4. Ah guild drama. I’m glad those days are behind me.

    Merry Christmas to Athol, your family and readers!

    By the way, pet battles are way fun.

    Yeah it’s not bad. I’ve been farming the old 40 mans for rare battle pets.

  5. Francis is funny. Anybody who doesn’t use DBM is a noob.

  6. Back in my day, we used CTRaid, and we loved it!

    (Buggy POS add on…)

  7. i went from heroin (Everquest), to methadone WoW. i NEVER guilder, but those guys treat it like it’s a fucking job. i rolled a 55 taureen warrior, 32 taureen drood, and 41 warlock. i finally quit altogether.

    WoW is decent, but Everquest….HOLY CRAP. i’d log in and play for 16 hours straight on a weekend with one of my friends. i get chills just thinking about those day. i ran a lvl 70 dark elf necro on EQ. *sigh*

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