No Excuses


  1. Lol, wut?

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    deadlifts and squats are where it’s all at. If you can’t find the depth on a squat, do box squats.

  3. I’m confused. This is admire the legs on your spouse day? ;)

  4. Two Words:


    PS- The word of the day is ‘legs’. Spread the word!

  5. taterearl says:

    Legs…the pillars of the body.

  6. You still doing Ultimate 90 Day?

    It doesn’t seem to matter how good of shape I get myself into… the leg workout on S90Day will leave me walking like I got raped by a 2000 lb bull for the next three days.

  7. This is why you take up fencing, or karate. :-)

  8. All the poor chicken legs. :(

  9. Let me out in a good word for running and cycling here!

  10. Dude, it’s the weekend. Do you really have to show off and makes us feel guilty on the weekend?

    We did 20 min of kettlebells Friday night. Last night off. Back on tonight.

    Rock on!

  11. Its Chest and Tris for me today. I am looking forward to it. I have been using a high intensity approach (HIT) vs the usual high volume for the last 12 weeks. I think I have been getting better gains and a bigger bump in my testosterone. Anybody else using HIT?

  12. No done with Supreme 90 Day. Jennifer and I have a gym membership now. I’m pretty much on a four day cycle of Upper Body, Lower Body, something mumble something and a Cardio Day.

  13. A good ROI says:

    Check out Starting Strength, Stronglifts or Wendler 5 3 1. Curious what the something mumble something is. ;)

  14. Mumble something mumble could be anything. A rest day, raking leaves for 1.5 hours, 40 minute cardio in the gym, some kind of other physical exercise. All depends.

  15. Gym memberships can be a great way to have interlocking commitments to exercise. My parents used to have a gym membership, when I was a teenager, and we’d all go to the gym together and it helped keep us all honest because if one of us said no we’d be overruled by the others and pile into the car.

    BTW, I’ve found leg workouts as long as I don’t do them to total fatigue produce an immediate T spike that pays off in the sack very quickly.

  16. Squats while brushing your teeth.
    You’re welcome.

  17. Random Angeleno says:

    To simplify your routine and gain core strength, try the free program at Workouts are short but brutal.

  18. Baby fistpump!

  19. Haha, leg day. *The* one day where you really are like “Alright, let’s get this over with…”

  20. “BTW, I’ve found leg workouts as long as I don’t do them to total fatigue produce an immediate T spike that pays off in the sack very quickly.”

    Same thing with good heavy deadlifts. I do them with back instead of legs, to spread the benefits more throughout my week.

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