Sexy Move: Won’t Know Until You Try

From the forum…

Deciduous:  This morning we were involved in husband and wife activities…

At the beginning, she played a little game she has done in the past a few times.

“What if I don’t let you?”

In the past, I usually shrugged that off, but not in a dominant way, usually in a playful manner, and it has never resulted in no happyfuntime.

I would usually say something along the lines of “I have never had an unsatisfied customer” or “I prefer willing participants”.

This time I said, in a rather growly way whilst burying her head in my quite well developed pecs…

“Then I’m just gonna take what I want”

At this point, I almost couldn’t believe that came out of my mouth. I didn’t stop, but my mind was racing…wow, did I just do that?

Her response FLOORED me.

“I think I would like that. A LOT”

Holy crap. This manosphere stuff isn’t 50% bullshit after all.

Maybe only 25%.

The fact that she wants the OLD me, the guy that had her as #2 in a soft harem 13 years ago, rather than the guy I figured made more sense with 2 young kids…

Good lord.

Athol:  As long as you have all the basic structural attraction pieces in place – a job, basic health, reasonable fitness, no critical emotional incidents screwing everything up… sometimes all that’s left to do is make a dominant move.

If you try it and she says “no”, well you weren’t going to get laid anyway.

If you try it and she says “yes”, or at least doesn’t say “no” and makes some kind of vaguely positive response… then you go for it.

Takes a couple minutes to see how it works. If you’ve been doing everything else and getting minimal sexual response from her, you may as well try something new.

You won’t know until you try.


  1. Yep…you hit the nail on the head. I feign shock when Mr. LL tries something out of the box. But, there’s very little he can’t get me to do if he shows a little assertive male dominance. I think it’s just naturally attractive.

  2. Yeah, it works. Even though we’ve been told our whole lives that it won’t. I have a wife that knows her basic needs pretty well and many years ago she told me “Sometimes I just want to be thrown on the bed and fucked. Hard.” I wasn’t surprised as much as I was intrigued because sometimes, a lot of the time, that’s also what I want. So I stopped holding back. She likes to be man handled, short of abuse. It’s sexually exciting for her.

    The difficulty comes from looking at it from a female point of view, instead of your own male perspective.
    “But mom said I’m always supposed to be nice to girls and if somebody treated me that way, I’d kick their ass.”
    Guys expect chicks to act like they do because its all they know. If we were treated that way by another guy, even by somebody we care about, it would quickly turn into a fight. Sex with a woman isn’t a competition, you’re not fucking another dude, don’t expect her to act like one.

  3. Kansas Fighter says:

    I have discovered that there is a difference in how you man-handle your partner.

    Do’s: Rip her pants off, peg her against the wall, bend her over

    Don’ts: Pull hair or push her head down onto your happy pole

    But being aggressive and just doing it, without asking permission can be a big turn on. Many thanks to the MAP in that these techniques happen best during her ovulation cycle. Learn the cycle. It’s the best time to jump her bones or try out a new sex toy.

  4. If you don’t try…the answer is always no.

    If you do try…your odds of a yes go up significantly.

  5. I think the fact that this made me drool and immediately wish my man would read it and try it…says all I need to say.

  6. @Kansas Fighter: “Don’ts: Pull hair or push her head down onto your happy pole”

    The hell you say. Can’t disagree more.

  7. HHH, I think one problem is that husbands don’t exactly treat their wives like family. I was explaining this to my brother-in-law the other day. If I asked him to do something for me he might A. say no. B. say yes. C. do either of the above and tease me about it. In short, he would act like a confident man with game. He won’t roll over and do anything I ask, and if he thinks I’m asking for something dumb he won’t make me cry about it either. In as much as he’s a kind, helpful sort of fellow he pretty much does things on his own terms – at least in relating to his sisters-in-law. When it comes to girls though…….it’s not like he doesn’t have game (he does), but unless you’re pissing him off his default is towards “nice.” Sometimes that reads alpha (I will walk you to your car. It’s late, and that’s what I do.), and sometimes it doesn’t. But when I explained that he comes off more confident and funny (attractive) when he’s interacting with his sisters-in-law I think he got it. So I guess the point I’m trying to make is that wives aren’t “women” -they’re family. Wrestle with them. Tease them. Give them a hard time (wink). I won’t say treat them like a sister, but you get the idea :)

  8. The signals that trigger fight responses in men trigger sexual responses in women. Strong eye contact, invading personal space, and cockiness, for example.

  9. Georgia Boy says:

    If the response is “I think I would like that. A LOT”, then the red pill man’s next thought would be, sounds like she’d enjoy making a little game of it. Observe …
    Her: I think I would like that. A LOT.
    You: Well then deny me, woman. You look nice in that outfit. I think I want to kiss you.
    Her: No, you can’t.
    You: [push yourself against her, grab her and kiss her]
    Her: [melt, kiss back]
    You: That’s a cute blouse you have on there. I want to unbutton it.
    Her: No, you can’t.
    You: [wrestle her down on her back, hold her down with arms and unbutton blouse, start playing with her breasts a little through the bra]
    Her: [breathing heavier now]
    You: Oooh, I’m getting hard already. Feel that? You have such nice breasts, I really want to see them now.
    Her: No, you can’t.
    You: [unhook bra and pull aside, expose breasts, hold her wrists out to the sides and kiss her bare breasts]
    Her: Nooo [but panting and glassy eyed]

    Hm, I guess this might be one of those safeword needed things. But I’m sure you can write the rest of this scene.

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