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<———- you should see a bright shiny new advert for the Forum Orientation Booklet.

The PDF booklets contain a brief orientation to the MMSL Forum experience. Includes how to use the forum and the essential nine questions for Relationship Triage. The nine Relationship Questions are a much expanded on version of the original blog post How To Figure Out What Went Wrong With Your Sex Life. Includes a list of common acronyms as well.

There are six different price points for this 16 page booklet, so people may pay whatever they wish for it. All versions contain the same material with no difference between them. The cover of the actual booklet does not show the price paid, cover images on are to try and ensure no one accidentally buys at the wrong price.

The six prices and links are….

 FREE  $10   $25   $50   $100  and  $250

So why am I doing this?

(1)  The forum is growing quickly and we do need a orientation package for new people. The purpose of the forum was to handle all the 1:1 email I was doing in a group setting. It’s working pretty well which some remarkable team solutions to complex problems.

(2)  Over the 3.5 years of MMSL, I’ve been asked many times for ways to donate to my work. However MMSL isn’t intended to be a small thing and I don’t wish to form as a charity. This way the booklets are an actual product to buy.

(3) I’m unable to take money for offering direct 1:1 advice and don’t even give 1:1 advice anymore anyway. This way the blog and forum remains free, and the books are an actual product to buy if you wish.

(4) Getting involved in offering forum memberships, or putting the blog behind a pay wall and handling credit card transactions et al, would be very time consuming. This way I don’t need to get caught up in the day to day stuff, and can keep doing what I actually want to be doing. Writing.

(5) The royalty splits are amazingly good. I get 90% of the cover price minus 99 cents. Considering what I’d have to do for credit card transaction fees et al if I was handling it myself, I’m very pleased with the split.

(6) The booklets are in a PDF format and have no copy protection. You can send them to everyone in the world if you like. It’s free advertising to me.

(7) You can pay what you want to pay, when you want to pay it. It’s free self-help.

(8) MMSL has been an undertaking with enormous personal risks. I’ve taken a Love over Gold approach to launch things, but at some point I have to turn the corner and become closer to the true level of profits I can make. I don’t ever see myself trying to fleece my readers, but it is time to ask for something for me.

 FREE  $10   $25   $50   $100  and  $250

 And please be assured that while I won’t know who paid what for a forum booklet, I have always been amazed and grateful for the level of interest people have had in MMSL and myself. A writer without a readership is a sad creature indeed, I am fortunate to be a happy one.

So please accept my most genuine thanks for everything you have all done for me. 

And yes the blog has been somewhat neglected recently. Something I’ll be changing. I think the forum is finally starting to mature to the point where I can step a little further back and let it run itself a little more.  I’ve had a few odds and ends not exactly go my way recently and learned one does not simply walk into Mordor.

Plus Jennifer is about to begin a somewhat changing role.

Jennifer: We saying anything about that now?

Athol: Seemed like a good a cliffhanger.


  1. Having managed a couple of high volume blogs I think you are throwing thousands of dollars a month by not installing some advertising on the blog and forum. It’s your choice but with your volume the is a lot of money to be made!

    It’s something I’ve thought about. The challenge is finding the right ads, and I’ve not wanted to turn it into and advertsing wasteland. The books are the product mainly.

  2. I’m really happy for you, Athol. Grea job.

  3. @Athol @Alpaguy

    Advertising can definitely be complicated stuff. Have you considered signing up sponsors? They can simply buy a certain size sidebar ad (which sponsors could even create themselves, or you get someone to do it as part of your ad fee) for X months at a time, and you get the money. You’d need to manage the ad schedule, but with all the widgets on WordPress, it wouldn’t be difficult to change them in and out.

    I’ve had dozens of offers for that, they either want to advertise competiting books, or goods and services that conflict with my message.

  4. I read and enjoy your blog, but unfortunately it’s all theoretical for me. The reality is that I will never marry. I’m too old to attract a woman young enough to still be fertile, particularly in the insane gender relatonship environment of the U.S.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. alphaguy says:

    There are two ways to go about it. Find advertisers that you like and have them pay for ad space. It can be hard but I know a few that are successful at it and a blog this busy, you could get hundreds of dollars per month per ad space. Think about the ads at TAM for people advertising about their services. The other way is Google Adsense and if you think you don’t have control over the ads, that’s not quite the case. The neat thing is that the ads are tailored for each person. What ads you see are based on your browsing history. I think you could do quite well there.

  6. I think ads of any kind detract from a site. If you can continue w/out ads, I say go for it! (Buying the $250 version of the free booklet now…)

    Thank you. Much appreciated!

  7. Dang, I’m all curious about Jennifer’s new role now…

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