When You Can’t Tell The Difference Between Normal and Crazy Anymore

Way, way, way back in my Talk About Marriage commenting days, I used to have a signature line that said something like, “50% of my advice is that she’s cheating on you, the other 50% is ‘What the hell are you thinking?'”

It’s not always true anymore, but you’d be surprised at how often someone has a completely screwed up situation that they are so used to coping with… it seems normal to them. For a lot of people actually arriving to the MMSL Forum and finally telling someone else their story is what makes the light bulbs finally click on for some people…

I also need to say to you all that I was utterly shocked that you moved me into the 911 category. I feel like, with all the confusion and upheaval, that I’ve lost touch with reality. HE definitely has, at least is that way some of the time, but now I realize I don’t know what is normal any more, what is really bad and critical. I do realize I’ve been too Beta and too polite. That I should have thrown a shit fit on day one, and laid down an ultimatum. And by taking care of the house, family, bills, I was relieving him of responsibility and freeing him up to pursue his outside interests. That really pisses me off. I thought I was making life easier for him, and it turns out I was!

That one involved requests for threesomes, a workplace death, depression and an affair… yet she was shocked at the moving her thread into the 911 Category to monitor it better. More to come possiblity too.

So anyway… got something happening where you kinda, sorta, maybe think it’s a messed up crazy situation? Get the free forum booklet…  Join the forum…  Buy the Primer…  and you’ll be on your way to sorting it all out before you know it.


  1. Changed Man says:

    Wow, isn’t this the truth! Was just remarking to a friend that you just keeping grinding along, unhappy but not completely miserable, and then you get nuked into reality!

    But that’s the way it works. relationships die a death of a thousand cuts. It’s gradual and insidious, each cut becomes the new normal. This is why 99% of marriage counseling doesn’t work… you wake up one morning and the chasm between you just looks so overwhelming that you’re just done. Human nature is a serious bitch.

  2. @Changed Man

    You said it.

    For most people something truly outlandish has to go on and then they get shocked into “OMFG! What is going on here?!?” When from the outside, for a long time, it’s probably been getting progressively whackier.

  3. enlightened1 says:

    @Changed Man

    Congratulations for getting “nuked into reality”. For some of us our biggest regret is that “truly outlandish” things were going on and we STILL didn’t recognize it. That is one of the reasons the clip on the above post is so hilarious!!

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