Don’t Say I Love You, Just Say You’ll Be There

More of a dating thing, but here we go…

Digging around the ye olde Spice Girls videos for an earlier post, came across this gem. I love the song itself, but the lyrics are practically instructions on how to game a girl.

Don’t get too emotional and gushy with her. She doesn’t want to feel you’re more emotional about the situation than she is, but she does want to know you have a sense of commitment to her.

So don’t say you love her.

Just say you’ll be there.

By not making the love commitment via talk, but showing a love commitment via actions, her hamster will get up to speed trying to figure you out, while her Body Agenda will notice that you are there and adjust accordingly. At some point her hamster will ask for a sedative and blurt out she loves you as a Loyalty Test. Then you can follow through with the more emotional stuff.

It’s a¬†freakin’ brillant line.



  1. My inner ten yo is jumping up and down in platform sneakers:) however she’s not as slutty as my inner goddess…

  2. How should you respond to the “I love you” line? How soon to say it back?

  3. 2 Jack – You do what Han Solo did.

    You smile.
    And you say: “I know.”

  4. @Jack

    I can tell you this, don’t you dare say it first, especially not if you really care.

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