Faith and The Really Really Weak Force

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts folder for at least two years. I forget exactly what I was writing it in response to, but seem to recall feeling it was just going to continue an Internet fistfight of some description, so I never published it.

Since then, I’ve taken it out and read it over about a dozen times. I’ve always liked it. It makes me happy to read it. Then I don’t publish it.

The truth is that there are things with MMSL that happen “under the hood” so to speak, that are part of why it works. Things that you neither had to know about nor believe, so I didn’t mention them. I figured if the results were there, that was all that mattered. I’ve reached the point where I think it’s time to start talking about them though. It’s a post for another day about why I decided that.

So for now… Faith and The Really Really Weak Force. Written prior to the Primer if that helps anyone place context.

And as you read remember this one thing. You still gotta go to the gym.


Athol:  This reader did not wish to see their whole story on the blog, but the stripped down version is that he started at a point of near divorce and unwell wife. Discovered MMSL and started bumping back on her testing and improved his fitness. After gaining more control in the relationship he pushed for addressing the medical issues and the couple revealed a prescriber has misread her labwork earlier and was ordering medication to make things worse. I had also suggested a medication addition and that was adopted. After a very rough adjustment to the med changes over a few weeks, Mrs. Reader turned into Mr. Reader’s personal pornstar. I kid you not.

What he finished with is this…

Reader:  There is something about what you are doing that is different than anything else I have found out there on the internet.  MMSL has real substance, and I’m talking relationship substance that goes beyond and deeper than simply the “better sex” that initially gets a guy’s attention.  I would even say its deeply spiritual along with physical.  I know you are an atheist and I respect that, but you are helping people in ways that “believers” like me can see that you have a purpose beyond yourself in what you are doing.

Athol:  Thank you, I truly appreciate it. And yes, I know I have a purpose and I have faith in that purpose as well. Some of you just feel off your chairs didn’t you. Hearing an atheist talk about having faith is like listening to Jamaicans talk about shoveling snow. But mon I leave in Con-near-ticut so yoo shall expect thee unexpected. That white stuff be muney fallin’ from thee sky.

So let me explain…

From “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.” Spock speaking with his Vulcan protegee Valeris.

Spock: “History is replete with turning points, Lieutenant. You must have faith.”

Valeris: “Faith?”

Spock: “That the universe will unfold as it should.”

Valeris: “But is that logical? Surely we must…..”

Spock: “Logic, logic, and logic….. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.”


Faith. One of the common complaints religious people have about atheists is that we have faith in science and humanity. Thus atheism isn’t really non-religious and all the complaints atheists have about religion equally apply to atheists themselves. Ah-HA! Checkmate!

Yes and no.

There’s a world of difference between living your life based on what a burning bush said and what labwork says. Thinking earthquakes are punishment for sin, and thinking they are all part of plate tectonics is quite different. Thinking God made the earth flat and the moon is a light in the sky isn’t the same as setting foot on the moon. In this sense most Western religious people are really quite firm believers in 99% of science and thus all the complaints religious people have about the atheist faith in science, equally apply to the religious themselves. Ah-HA! Checkmate!

So anyway…

While I don’t see spiritual elements to life, I do think there are some “spooky actions at a distance” that happen. But these spooky actions are real world material effects that are happening, and frankly only influences on outcomes. Or put another way, while I don’t believe in The Force from Star Wars, I do believe in The Really Really Weak Force.

Every atom in the moon and every atom in the earth, in me and in you, are bound together by gravity. We can explain extremely precisely what the effect of gravity will be, but have no clue about exactly why gravity works as a real world physical force. It just does.

The earth and the moon are 238855 miles apart, but they are subtly connected to the other. It’s the same with people, we are all subtly connected to the other. We just are.

If you want to call that connection spiritual you can, but whatever it is, what makes that connection happen is a real world tangible physical material force. Science just doesn’t know much about it yet and The Really Really Weak Force doesn’t do much anyway.

The universe is an amazing place and science slowly but surely learns a little more each day. Maybe one day we’ll know how exactly how that connection between us all really works, maybe we won’t. But I do know that science explains far more than any religion ever will.

So to my reader at the start of the post… God may have answered your prayers and led you to MMSL. Or it may have been pure luck you found MMSL. Or maybe our connection to each other through the The Really Really Weak Force knew I had the answers you needed and here we are. Though to be honest, mostly people just Google.

What I do know is this, The Really Really Weak Force doesn’t respond to talk. The Really Really Weak Force responds to actions. Pray if you must, but if you keep praying for the same stuff over and over, it’s because you don’t have enough faith to get into action. I’ve spent forty years of my life talking and thinking and not a lot happened for me. The last three years I’ve been doing and it’s been transformational.

So have a little faith.

Oh and hey…
… May The Really Really Weak Force be with you.


  1. As an athiest myself (though raised catholic and now have a hard scientific background) I really feel that we areas you describe…I’ve believed it for awhile now that “the Force” in the Star Wars sense (and similar to more eastern thought perhaps) is probably more realistic (and more importantly, feels right to me) than traditional religios doctrine. I too am thankful I’ve stumbled upon your writings and purchased your book. It’s made my life amd marriage so much better, and am trying to follow (in my own way) the path you are blazing. I’ve always thought faith is a dynamic thing, and always liked the scene at the end of Pulp Fiction where Jules finds his, and is ready to “walk the path” (like Kane in Kung-Fu, but I always envisioned him modern day Lao Tzu). Great post and one I agree with completely.

  2. Thanks Athol. I’ve been exploring this exact subject recently(even had a forum post hinting this direction ), and while I haven’t fleshed out exactly what I think yet, this certainly helps illuminate some things. Once I get a few more words to my thoughts I’ll start a discussion in the forum.

  3. Trimegistus says:

    I’m an atheist and I think all this is bullshit. You’ve dropped God and religion but kept irrational superstition. This isn’t progress — it’s regressing. You’re dropping down from monotheism to primitive animism. Bah, humbug.

    Doesn’t the placebo effect prove belief matters?

  4. I’m a Pagan, and I endorse this message. I was also a Religious Studies scholar and a practicing theologian (polytheistic variety) but I’ve studied the matter a bit.

    Faith is, at it’s core, “absolute belief without proof”. Religious faith is “Absolute belief in God without proof”, which I think we can all agree is pretty straightforward, and what the atheists will object to.

    But then there is a more secular Faith, one which means “absolute belief without proof.” The difference is that the latter definition with attendant emphasis recognizes and acknowledges the utterly subjective nature of our perception of reality; therefore “proof”, as such, is impossible. Hence having “faith” in the sun rising tomorrow sounds like a contradiction, but it’s actually an admission of our human weakness and inability to view reality with true objectivity.

    We cannot “prove” that the sun will come up tomorrow, we just have a tremendous amount of belief that it will based on past events and our understanding of planetary mechanics. Our belief may approach certainty, but, like infinity, it cannot ever truly get there because proof is absolute, and we are limited by our human perceptions and capacities from being able to declare it.

    So Athol is perfectly justified in having faith in what he is doing. He cannot “prove” what he is doing is absolutely the best possible thing for him to be doing, but a preponderance of the evidence is such as to inspire a confident degree of faith in his ability to go forward productively.

    Now . . . you suckers study Quantum Physics and then come back and explain to me how the Universe isn’t really all connected somehow. While I appreciate the ideological purity of atheism’s approach to science, at a certain point science itself betrays that purity by challenging basic assumptions. Once you go Quantum, you cannot comfortably rely on the predictability of time and space and such. I’m not saying it’s evidence for “God” or even the Force (I have other evidence for that), but I will say that it opens up such uncertainty in our understanding of everything from cosmology to theology that we will eventually have to come up with new language to describe it . . . and alter our conceptions of such things as divinity, synchronicity, and time.

    Go ahead and start studying. I’ll wait.

  5. Anti-Chris says:

    @Trimegistrus The “progression” you speak of from Animalism to Monotheism is the amount of power and wealth its priests can siphon from the flock, start wars (there can be only 1) and most importantly recruit willing soldiers. Only in the name of God can you righteously do wrong to your friends and your kins as long as they are unbelievers. Monotheism is the ultimate form of tribalism, where if you’re not in the tribe, you’re the enemy of the tribe. This should be no surprise as the sole surviving Monotheistic God are born from the minds of the longest surviving tribe of the human race – the Jewish tribe.

    Great article.. but Spock is wrong. Logic is the path to knowledge – wisdom is something else altogether. A person can be wise without the knowledge of science and facts… and reading of the classics can attest to this.

  6. I can see why you like the post. It’s a great post.

    If you could transport someone from 200 years ago to our time, if he saw the things we do with radio waves, electricity, etc, he’d think we were a society of wizards. But we all know there’s nothing supernatural about TV or elevators. Similarly, I think your “weak force” comprises one or more completely natural physical phenomena that are, as yet, unidentified. The day will come. In the meantime, we can use the weak force as best we can, even though we don’t understand it.

  7. mindstar says:

    If you want a nice bit on how we are all connected and that what we all do does matter read the “This Momentous Day” passage from Dean Koontz’s “From the Corner of His Eye”. No religious belief required merely faith in people

  8. Lovely Liquid Chords says:

    I find that what many atheists are really saying that they are against inaccurate assertions by religions, while not necessarily ruling out the possibility that there is a larger subsuming awareness than our own.

    Alas, many of these individuals, while being right about criticizing the claims of religion, go too far and dismiss the idea of there being some sort of subsuming intelligence or consciousness.

    They throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Instead of the word “atheist,” a more precise word is needed that denotes a dismissal of extremely questionable religious assertions, without closing the door to the possibility of there being some sort of larger subsuming awareness or consciousness.

    Just “fishing” here for a term… how about”areligionist”?, denoting one who doesn’t buy into the claims of religions, but who accepts the possibility to there being a larger intelligence or consciousness?

    Until the nature of consciousness is thoroughly figured out, ruling out that there is a greater consciousness is not tenable.


  9. Oh Athol, you big lovable nerd. Please keep on writing like this :)

  10. Oh. And I think it’s what we used to call “Society” in the old days.

  11. @Anti-Chris “The “progression” you speak of from Animalism to Monotheism is the amount of power and wealth its priests can siphon from the flock, start wars (there can be only 1) and most importantly recruit willing soldiers. Only in the name of God can you righteously do wrong to your friends and your kins as long as they are unbelievers. Monotheism is the ultimate form of tribalism, where if you’re not in the tribe, you’re the enemy of the tribe.”
    And this is one of the most erroneous tropes of the anti-religionists. More humans have died or suffered incalcuable cruelty at the hands of modern atheistic statism than the total of all of previous human history. You can bash on religion (any flavor, I don’t care) for other reasons, but the ‘religious violence’ argument is merely wishful thinking for the historically challenged.

  12. Passing Stranger says:

    “Faith” that doesn’t result in action is useless.
    –Epistle of St James, ch 2

  13. LifeUniverse42 says:

    @Lovely Liquid Chords
    The term for people who can’t prove deity exist or doesn’t exist is someone who’s agnostic.

    That’s a position I take myself. Because the universe is so freaking vast and strange thing do happen. But looking in the pas most strange thing can be explain logically. Either way we can’t prove or disprove that a god exist. Even if we could, would we be able to recognize him as such? Or maybe it’s someone from a civilization into the stage 4 or 5 on the Kardashev scale? Someone from such civilization would appear godlike and from our own comprehension of the universe would be.

  14. I’m a “soft” agnostic – those who believe it IS possible for us to figure out the entirety of creation, but we just haven’t done so YET, as opposed to the “hard” agnostics who believe it is NOT possible to ever figure it all out.

    So yeah, at any place you try to “step back” and not choose a belief, you still have to choose a belief. Atheists BELIEVE there is no god. They can’t prove their theory right any more than the other religions can. They hold beliefs just like any other human being.

    ” If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”. – Rush.

  15. Sounds like you’re talking about quantum entanglement.

  16. Lovely Liquid Chords says:

    Sorry if too long. It’ s what I think, so what else can I say? This is a speak-your-mind form, so at the risk of putting you to sleep…

    There are those who say that they have had the distinct experience of encountering consciousnesses far more encompassing than the standard-issue state of consciousness of mankind. These accounts pop up without break throughout history from all cultures and are overall far more similar than they are different. A core commonality of these accounts is that there is a coordinating awareness larger than our own. This calls to my mind European explorers’ accounts of the New World in the 1400s and 1500s. These accounts had differences in detail depending on where the explorer landed (“There is snow”; “There are palm trees”); but the gists of the accounts were 100% in agreement: “Go west for many weeks by ship, and you will see what I mean. It’s a new ballgame out there.” These historical and contemporary accounts of a larger awareness say that the only instrument capable of apprehending larger subsuming consciousnesses is consciousness, itself. However, it takes training or great talent or extraordinary circumstances for one to focus the searchlight of the attention on higher, subsuming levels, as our attentions strongly tend to focus on the more prosaic issues of physical and social survival.

    No physical piece of equipment can apprehend the larger encompassing consciousness directly, save for the consciousness, no more than than lab equipment can convey the actual experience of the taste of an orange. Only through direct experience can we apprehend the taste of an orange — the same applies to larger gestalts of consciousness. This is what an unending stream of of veracious observers have said throughout history. When mainstream scientists say “show me the proof,” what they are very often saying, in effect, is, “show me a physical instrument that can somehow verify for me the taste of an orange by integrating it into my mechanistic, clockwork view of creation.” But, regardless of how many instrument readings there are (showing taste buds firing up; brain wave changes; the presence of citric acid, etc.), the actual taste of an orange will forever remain elusive, if the instrument of consciousness is not being employed in the “lab.” The sticking point for these individuals is that they do not consider as valid the only instrument capable of experiencing the taste of an orange, which is the human awareness. Without the appropriate use of the instrument of consciousness, it is not possible to transcend agnosticism.

  17. Don’t really care for this post. And I don’t think you’re being dumb, weird, or are, well, a mis-guided moron.

    It’s just that literally every single human being believes to have lucked into the winning belief system. Game, feminism, economics, politics. Anything, but particularily so when it comes to spiritualism. When someone starts talking about athiesm, thiesm, or ‘the force’ my eyes just kind of glaze over and I wonder when they’ll shut up.

  18. Faith is action.

    If you’re familiar with Hebrews 11 you find people who committed to action based on their belief in an outcome. Too many times I see people pray and wait when they should pray and leap. Waiting for God (or the weak force of Athol’s post) to do something is not demonstrating faith, only fear.

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