If You Wannabe My Lover

To my surprise I ended up watching a Spice Girls video on YouTube today. It’s quite amazing to look back 17 odd years and see an old video again as if for the first time. So some random thoughts.

(1)  Holy crap. Height and weight proportional women. Five of them. In one place. I’m serious. LOOK. There’s FIVE of them.

(2)  One rolling camera shot. Awesome. I can’t remember the last time I saw that. Compared to the endless fancy cutting, and effects this is all so remarkably simple.

(3)  LOL Posh Spice doesn’t get a single line.

(4)  Simply having red hair creates a personality. I’ve always been a blond lover, but one of my daughters dropped brunette for red and it’s definitely a “I’m a personality” statement. I’m almost kinda sorta wondering what Jennifer would look like as a redhead, but she’s been doing the blond thing religiously to please me… so I don’t want to upset that lol.

(5) Casual back handspring. I don’t know anyone that can do that. That’s awesome.

(6) The camisole top with the nipples is Athol approved.

(7)  “Really really wanna zigazig ah.”  Okay so they said that for 1996 radio airplay… seems like a request for orgasm though.

(8)  “Slam your body down and wind it all around”  translation…. fuck me hard and find the clitoris.

(9)  “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”  translation…  if my friends think you’re unattractive, I do too.

(10)  The entire song is a Fitness Test It’s basically stating “If you want to be with me, I’m going to set the frame and you need to comply to it.”  But it just so gosh darn adorably peppy you almost want to fold up and say “okay”.

But what it really really is…

…it’s about as good a Girl Game instructional video as you’ll ever see.



  1. Goddamn that was almost 2 decades ago. I was 11 last week but it was really 17 years ago??!

  2. good video!! I’m thinking this girl has some pretty awesome alpha traits too…http://izismile.com/2013/04/12/heres_why_all_girls_need_a_scimitar_8_pics.html

  3. Omg so going to dig up my old Spice Girls CDs! Yes! More Spice Girl blogs pls!

  4. Oh and just girls themselves great ideas for mixing it up. Monday is baby with a white babydoll. Tuesday is posh with black satin barely there under thing. Wednesday is sporty all hot is tight workout gear and sweaty but toned from gym. Thursday is scary all wild and crazy in leopard print. Friday is ginger vamping it up in red glitz. The book “le petit couquette” by famed nyc lingerie boutique owner whose wares were featured on satc talks about this is her book under honeymoon suggestions. Omg so love Spice Girls the ten yo in me who fell in love with them wants to go dye my hair red and wear a mini dress, although I tend to do that a lot anyways:)

  5. Heh, I always heard it (and still intend to) as “if you wanna be my lover, you got to get rid of my friends”, which sounded pretty accurate even in my teen years. Not much you can do with a girl who has her entourage absorbing her attention and blocking your moves.

  6. Emi J Jones says:

    Ha…. #5 – well, in a house with little gymnasts, I’ve got back handsprings and more happening from my living room to an empty grocery asile at random times through out the day.

    Gotta love the Spice though!

  7. I was around 12 or 13 when this video came out so I was a prime target for the Spice Girls back then, and this post made me see it in a totally new way.

  8. Cool Song….someone add to ‘FO Song’ thread!

  9. Brian M. says:

    Their sex appeal changed as I age too.
    Back in the 90’s the only one of them I’d have given the time of day to was Posh.
    Today, Posh’s mannerisms seem highly affected and are a big turn off. The only one out of the batch I’d zigazig ah now is Ginger, and maybe Baby.

  10. Well, now I feel ancient. Was that really so long ago? Jeez.

  11. Even when I’m out somewhere that is filled with college aged girls, spotting FIVE height and weight proportional women all together is rare.
    Looking at photos from the 1980s, what was considered fat back then is now passed off as average. It is shocking how rapidly the average size has moved up despite Hollywood still tending to favor the lean.

    The camera guy in this video did some amazing work — which shows especially in moments when ancillary characters had to move out of his way and yet the camera motion stays smooth.
    For the camera nerdy – saw this the other day. Watch the sample clip — normally one doesn’t see camera movement like this outside of video game scenes.

  12. Like fingernails on a f’n chalkboard, that.

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