Do I Look Like a Line of Credit?



Her foolishness, so her job to bail herself out.

She threatens the takeaway.

Amused mastery and is otherwise non-reactive.

Energizing huh.

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  1. Ian Ironwood says:

    Worf ftw.

    I love it when you talk nerdy to us, Athol.

  2. earl says:

    The best part of that exchange.


  3. RedPillWifey says:

    Hahaaaa. :D Love.

  4. Sim says:

    Man, I miss DS9. My husband wont let me watch them anymore.

    The seductive nerd

  5. John R says:

    Love DS9. wifey loves it too!

  6. Smashmaster says:

    That bit of writing is one of the reasons why I liked DS9 the most.


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