Fun Money

I’ve been touching on how important money is in recent posts….

When people imagine life changing amounts of money, they always imagine millions of dollars, but consider what just a extra $2000 can do for a relationship if you’re the husband.

You could pay for a gym membership, have several moderate nights out, buy a couple nice shirts and even have enough for a weekend getaway. All of which could thaw your relationship with your wife even further as you get the rest of your life back under control. Then because your wife is back into you again, when the douchebag at her work makes a move on her… she tells him to get lost.

When douchebag makes his move, what happens if you don’t have that extra $2000 worth of positive appearance and shared and fun together? Fun money is important. No one wants to be in a relationship where you never have any fun.

You don’t have to make a million dollars. You do have to make enough to have some fun though.


  1. Kickboxer says:

    I believe you just advocated for a “date night”. An extra $2000/yr would go a long way for most of us for a casual night out.

  2. I like this! Gonna do me some overtime this week to get some “FUN” money ;) I could do with a dirty weekend away. Hehe

  3. Personal finance is one of my passions. One of the selling points I use when talking to young husbands is this; If you get your finances in order, you’ll get more sex.

    My wife and I have found that, once we got the money problems under control, we had very little left to fight about. Increased marital peace and security has led to more sex. This aspect of being able to enjoy life or make improvements fits well with that concept.

  4. fullyawake says:

    Case in point: My wife, daughter , and I were out and about on Saturday. On our way home, I said, “You know what would be fun? Going out to eat and saving you the trouble of making dinner.” Wifey’s eyes and lit up and we went somewhere on the way home that we and been wanting to try. I look at it as an investment.

  5. This is very true.

    To add to this, if your wife knows things are tight enough not to have fun money, then that’s 1) an extra DLV for you and 2) more stress for her because she’ll worry about it (we can’t help it, particularly when kids are involved), which will shut her vagina down even tighter.

  6. Money can be freedom for men with options.

  7. holdingallthecards says:

    Hey, you used to spend money on dates before you married your wife, and she happily put out, right?

  8. With a bit of extra money, you can arrange for some marriage-boosting ‘hotel sex’ – Ladies, this goes for you too – this post was actually written for you.

  9. I’m a wife and I do not agree. Money is important to survive. In the early years of marriage we had no spare money. It was hard enough to cover basics. Those were the happiest years of my life and our marriage.

  10. If I had an extra $2000, it would go to credit card debt accumulated from clothing boutiques, bike shops, day spas, pilates and massage therapists. Or to medical bills. Or to just getting by this month. Boy, what a downer!

    For my wife, it would take an additional $20,000 fun money to have a little left over for me for some new shoes or a new shirt or a gym membership. The sad thing is that I am not exaggerating. (I hope Serenity doesn’t send this comment to the 911 comment section :-)

  11. Version3.0 says:

    So what you’re saying, Athol, is that it might be worthwhile to pick up the odd drug mule gig.

  12. Over It says:

    Yes to this. Just don’t forget to share the fun money! Watching the man in your life spend all his fun money on himself makes a woman feel pretty unimportant.

  13. Passing Stranger says:

    Fun money is nice…but there’s a temptation to say “whatever we don’t *have* to spend this month, is fun money.” And to give both husband and wife equal say in spending. Been there, done that, went bankrupt.

    Let the financially prudent one handle things.
    And do whatever it takes build up a financial reserve–it removes an enormous amount of pressure when you have a cash cushion to cover emergencies.

  14. alphaguy says:

    Very true! I got off my ass and got a full time job after trying to start a business that was going nowhere. Making almost 6 figures doing the IT work I was doing before. I love a steady paycheck and the wife loves the extra money!

  15. This is one topic I think the Manosphere and pro-marriage Manosphere in particular has neglected. Getting your finances in order (get out of debt! all of it!) is so both Alpha and Beta it should be a basic red pill concept. It’s a lot easier to come up with $2000 fun money when you aren’t paying $300/mo car payments and have thousands of $$$ in credit card debt hanging over your head. How about saving for your future? For tips on where to start, go look up Dave Ramsey and start with his ‘baby steps’. He jokes that his advice is merely the same advice your grandmother would give you, but it’s all right on.

  16. Joe_Commenter says:

    Dear Alphaguy: Congratulations. But I gotta ask, where in the world did you find an office job making 6 figures? I am in IT and I do make six figures. But if I lost my current job, I just don’t know where or how I could ever find another one that would bring in 6 figs.

  17. Celeste says:

    Okay, true, but an extra $2000 isn’t in the cards for us for a few years. A good wife can have fun with a hike at a local park, a good husband can google around for new local parks and surprise his wife with a visit. Really, $2000 extra is going to be out of reach for a lot of people, for most of their lives. I forsee a future in which we will, but another part of me bristles at this…how did all those peasants and serfs manage to stay married living hand to mouth? No extra shirts, no nights out, no shopping malls, and people made it work. Of course, the whole structure of society was different, and men had some actual power. But does it require wealth and materialism to make this work? I don’t think so.

  18. Richard Cook says:

    Not this. When the extended bad time hits is she going to glom onto the next guy with some cash? This is the woman you want? Yeah the occasional dinner plus hotel sex can be deposits that you draw on when the bad times hit. But, if you get into a situation where the bad time is extended and you need real long term grit you need a better woman. Not a Marriage 2.0 woman. A woman that is about something.


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