1. earl says

    Heh…that is women’s problems to a tee.

    Don’t fix it, just listen to the hamster.

  2. Random Angeleno says


    very funny. I learned this one long ago: never offer to fix a woman’s problem(s). Only do something when she specifically requests your assistance and even then it may be necessary to ask her to clarify that she really wants your help. The rest of the time, don’t care how much you want to strangle her and say that’s not how it goes or here’s the damn problem, just sit there and listen. Most of the time that works.

  3. says

    looool! But I gotta say, even though this is correct, talking about it is like applying anesthetic. You can’t just yank a nail right away, it will hurt :C But you do have to remove it in the end, lol, not just mask the symptoms.


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