Music Makes You Feel Good

I’ve always been  kinda funny about music in that I “get it” about three to five years after everyone else does. I remember being a teenager and the entire world being crazy about U2. As in everyone listening to U2 and I’m like… uh-huh. U2 even came to Wellington in either the late 80’s or very early 90’s and for months before the concert I had to listen to all the pre-concert hype from all my friends. Then the concert which obviously I skipped. Then the months of post-concert cooldown. I can’t tell you how sick of U2 I was after all that.


Everyone else is like… uh-huh… where have you been?

So anyway…

I’ve been digging around on YouTube for all the old bands from back in the day. There’s so much music I’ve forgotten from then. Found a few bands and cranked it. Made a station or two and just had stuff playing in the background doing the daily routines. It’s surprisingly energizing hearing the old music in the background and…


…I’ve become like one of those old people. You know the ones, listening to jazz from the 1930’s or something.

I mean no. It’s VERY ENERGIZING and screw anyone that doesn’t like your music. It’s what you like. So crank it up. The hardest thing in the world some days is feeling positive and able to face it with a smile. The truth is it really does matter and makes a difference for you when you’re more positive. You being happier makes everyone around you a little happier. Feelings are infectious, so infect someone.

Okay, okay I admit it.

I’ve been listening to freaking Petra, but if you tell anyone I’ll fucking cut you.



  1. You’re so right about Pandora! Music makes you feel good. I made a Lionel Richie station….lol

  2. Vicomte says:

    So it’s like…Jesus Rush?

  3. Oh, bite me! I happen to like Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, etc. The sheer virtuousity of the playing is amazing compared to most “bands” today.

  4. rycamor says:

    Ha! That was unexpected, Athol. Now you’re reminding me of my Christian high school days. Excuse me while I go crank some Resurrection Band:

  5. BigPappaBear says:

    I love Petra. One of my favorite bands. I saw their farewell tour a couple years ago (after around 32 years in existence). They are fantastic performers.

  6. Omnivorous says:

    Anyone who fails to rec’nize that Ella Fitzgerald’s voice is audial viagra fails the civilization test.

    Her voice alone could give a dead man wood.

    Old farts already know. Younger farts Google and learn.


  7. @Vicomte – yeah kinda like Jesus Rush lol. It’s one of those endless bands that went through dozens of changes over forty years though. They actually reformed with the early 80s lineup a couple years back.

  8. Booch Paradise says:

    Wow, this also parallels my experience. I recently came across “Beyond Belief” after not listening to any petra for at least a decade or two, and man, it’s a hell of a song.

  9. I love Pandora, I have an account and listen to them almost nonstop. Petra huh? I was more into DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline back in the day.

  10. Natalie says:

    Oh man. Petra, Audio Adrenalin, DC Talk, Newsboys, Reliant K. Those were some good days :) Well, as good as it got in youth group – which isn’t very when you’re an awkward homeschool kid with no game and no natural social network at your church. But the music was pretty great.

  11. Good music is good music. Its not like Johnny Cash’s music started sucking just because it got to be decades old. I don’t listen to most mainstream music at all… I like folk music. My favorites calmly sing to the soul… :)

  12. Was more into the metal stuff. Whitecross, Stryper, Guardian, Holy Solider, X-Sinner et al.

  13. I would feel remiss not to mention that a lot of times you can use this “older” music to make your wife feel like a school girl again. If you can play the right mix, that gets her into a nostalgic euphoria where she can picture herself being the young innocent girl that considered the world to be nothing more than endless opportunity and adventure, void of danger and responsibility…. It’s a good mix… I’ve found that women want nothing more than the feeling that their dreams can still come true, that the life they picture for themselves moving forward is even better than the life they have today. If you can get them to feel that emotion, they will attribute that feeling with your presence, and they will feel at peace with the world. The natural consequences that will follow will be worth the effort to create the moment. Some people fail to realize how powerful music can be over our emotions. The other day we got my son a guitar, and the advice I gave him was this, ‘Son now that you have this guitar, it’s your job to learn to play it so well that you can get 1000’s of girl to dance and look up to admire you on stage as you play, when I was your age I failed to do that, and I have been suffering the consequences ever since.”

  14. PaulS. says:

    Old Contemporary Christian? Jeez Athol. Do you like this just because you like the style/sound/etc or the message?
    And Natalie? I find that my homeschooled boys do a lot better at game than I ever did. Especially the younger, musically inclined geek interestingly enough. Has girls throwing themselves at him, and he just walks on by. Have him sit down at a piano and watch who shows up. The girls are 6 deep within minutes.

    Memory lane is all.

  15. El_Cap says:

    Petra’s “Woulda Shoulda Coulda” is one of my favorites, and seems particularly appropriate for this blog.

    The same goes for “Stand”

  16. BigSisterBear says:

    Petra. Wow. Saw them in concert in the early 80’s back when Greg X Volz was the singer. That brings back some memories. We weren’t allowed to listen to “secular” music in our house back then so Christian Rock was all we had. Also a fan of Steve Taylor and the “Some Band”, and David and the Giants, Saw them too.

  17. BigPappaBear says:

    Athol, you just described my teenage years. I saw Guardian and Petra once when they toured together. It was solid. If you had of added Bride, P.O.D. Disciple, we could have been bromates…if a decade or so apart.

  18. If you like christian rock, check out PLUMB. They. Kick. Ass. And I’m completely non-religious. Also like Audio Adrenaline.

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