1. Audrey says

    Passing on a story from a friend…

    She was folding laundry when her hubby came by and snatched up a pair of fetching panties. He leered at her suggestively and asked why he’d never seen them.

    She’s still laughing about the look on his face when she told him they belonged to their 16 year-old daughter. Suffice it to say that the fondling of said garment ceased immediately. LOL

  2. Jim says

    Slowly throw out her non-sexy underwear without telling her, and make sure it’s replaced with stuff you like.

  3. Monkey's Uncle says

    I feel your pain. A few months ago my pre-teen daughter ambushed me with a ‘titty twister’ nipple-twist pain maneuver, a game we have long played. I started to retaliate in kind, paused, briefly examined the landscape, got a lump in my throat and said, “Um, we can’t play that game any more.”

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