What a Difference a Year Makes…

Athol:  @Hygenius and @x1134x are married forum members who discovered MMSL in June 2012 and joined the forum when it opening in July 2012.

Some selected quotes from July 2012

@x1134x - HOW THE HELL DO I MOVE SEX TO THE FRONT OF HER ‘want to get done today’ list?  Why is IT the expendable item? It was on her list this morning. The answer to “how could you have energy to work out but not the energy to fool around?” was “I need to workout for my back, its really tight”. Am I being a jerk? Or is the the fitness test I’m just unable to overcome? Feel like we took four steps forward, but now I’m right back at where I started.  I DO NOT FEEL WANTED BY HER.  Because the first thing on my list is the last thing on hers.

@Hygenius – Am I up in the night to expect that these changes should take longer and that patience should be a factor?  10 years of difficult sex, no exercise and relationship issues can not be solved in a month and surely not after such life changing events, right?  Or am I just a cock tease that is fitness testing my husband daily with no intention of having sex with him because I just am not interested anymore….hmmm?

I am HURT and EMBARRASSED but most of all, I’m tired.  Perhaps a trial separation would be best. Suggestions anyone.

Athol: @Hygenius actually never returned to the forum after her first set of posts, but @x1134x has stayed active and I assume he posts and they talk. Anyway, the plan we put in place appears to have worked, because today…

@x1134x – Born Tuesday:  Baby x1134x / @Hygenius 7 lbs 11 oz born via Cesarean Section.  (name too unique to divulge – our last name is very common.  A common first name would make him “John Smith”  I’ll PM it to anyone interested.)

Baby is 100% healthy, mom is recovering well.  Dad is shot.  Delirium tired.  You might not see me around here for a while. . .

Thanks @Athol_Kay.

Seriously.  Thank you.  I haven’t cried happy tears in decades.  Thank you.  You didn’t just help me fix my sex life.  You helped me fix my life.

Athol:  So… Happy Mother’s Day.  :-)

I told y’all the MAP only does everything.

Buy the book, get the free forum booklet…. fix your life.


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  1. someguy says:

    Congrats to new dad, new mom, new baby, and of course Athol – you da man!

  2. Jane says:

    Aw – this is a wonderful post. Congratulations to the happy family and Athol for seeing the fruits of your labors in such a positive, feel good way.

  3. Bob says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to all.

  4. x1134x says:

    Thanx a pantload you guys. (I now have an appreciation of the magnitude of a “pantload’. {:-)

    I testify that Athol’s principles work. They are NOT easy. It doesn’t work overnight. You get frustrated. You experience setbacks. But if you keep working at it. . . it works, and all things considered, a year for such results was pretty damn quick. Its amazing what you can do when you stop working against yourself and spit out that blue pill.

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