Danica Patrick Fitness Testing Instructional Video

“Do this thing for me because I’m a girl.” Pouty face.

That’s her real life boyfriend too…

He fails because even though he votes for himself, in front of her he folds.

And yes I get that it’s not real and everyone is acting for an ad. I bet she’s just lovely to be with…


  1. How would a man with game react?

    I’d like to think I’d smile at her pouty face…show the computer so she can see it, vote for myself, and then walk out.

  2. Philalethes says:

    Was a time when voting for oneself in such a situation would have been considered a sign of inferior character, even for a girl. Otoh, is this really a female? No front matter at all, so far as I can tell. Perhaps she’s reverted to the design of other mammals, who grow milk glands only when needed for nursing? Or does she take T supplements or something? Would be interesting if she had a boyfriend who could stand up to her. No man with the proper equipment would allow himself to be portrayed like that.

  3. Note there are lots of kinds of fitness tests.

    How to best respond would depend upon he previous fitness testing, since this particular test blends type (c) “Will you do whatever I ask?” with type (d) “Are you confident in your opinions?”

    To squash type (c) a playfully dominant redirect works well. CH would, of course, suggest voting for himself and then saying “It’s complicated” with a playful smirk.

    To squash type (d) agree and exaggerate works well. Ignore the tablet; instead stand up and as you leave the room say, “Dearest, if you did more than pout with those lips then you wouldn’t doubt whether you earned my vote.”

  4. The Ringmistress says:

    @Philalethes: setting.aside the fact that women who have not borne children frequently are very lightly endowed to begin with, she probably wears a sports bra on her racing gear. It’s not as extreme as the Amazons who cut off their breasts to improve their archery, but a well designed sports bra will make even a C chip woman look like a 12 year old boy. Jenna Marbles did a video about this.

  5. Height: 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)
    Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
    … not a big girl AND probably wearing a sports bra because otherwise a whole day of high g-forces from turning would have to feel bad.

  6. So I made the mistake of letting on that I think Danica is hot. Got the 20 questions grill from the wife. It boils down to not only is she physically attractive, but she has TALENT. Its the TALENT that really attracts me. She can hang with the big dogs out on the racetrack? Damn. That’s some sweet skills. Good for babies to have. {:-)


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