Fuck You and Fuck Your Elbow

So anyway… about two and a half months ago in the gym, I broke my personal record on the evil Leg Press machine. I had a light jabbing pain inside my head though, up high, toward the back on the right hand side.

No problem.

My next leg day, I added another 10 pounds to my personal record. I also had a medium jabbing pain inside my head, up high, toward the back on the right hand side.

No problem.

The next leg day, I added another 10 pounds to my personal record. I also had a bad jabbing pain inside my head… guess where… yeah…  up high, toward the back on the right hand side.

Okay fuck, that’s not right.

So I stopped. That’s about it. I never passed out, never had headaches, no vision issues, felt completely fine otherwise. I’ve just got zero interest in popping something in my head and spending the rest of my life drooling and only smiling when Jennifer comes to visit me in the nursing home.

So I did a fair bit of cardio for a while, skipped some days and I was pretty sick with an allergies + sinus + almost pneumonia thing there for a couple weeks too.

Anyway, first true leg day for a while. It went okay. I’ve lost a little strength, but not that much. I’ve also started doing this thing where after working out I go home and add up the total weight I’ve lifted, as in 100lbs x 10 reps = 1000lbs. I always knew leg day was heavier than arm day, but the total weight lifted is about 60-70% more for me. Leg day is brutal.

So I guess all I’m saying is take it all the way up to Fuck You and Fuck Your Elbow, then peg it back just a notch or two. You still have to push it, but you don’t have to break yourself to be a man. The goal is to feel good, not feel bad.

Oh and the counting the total weight thing. Just have to beat the last total weight lifted by 1%. That’s it. I figure the goal might as well be something positive than thinking about getting injured as the gold standard of being committed. Just 1% better. That’s it.


Athol:  And no I wasn’t dying. I just wanted to use the video lol.


  1. Yep. That can be a hard thing to do, in many areas not just lifting, knowing when to take it back a notch out of common sense rather than “going for it bro!” This one time at band camp I was doing deadlifts and I felt something tweak in my lower back. Okay so I stopped. But then being a dumb ass I thought “Well, I’ll just do the rest of my workout.” Big mistake. Wound up with a spasming back and sidelined myself for a few weeks on muscle relaxers and laying on the couch. Missed almost two weeks of work to boot and it was almost two months until I could lift again without triggering it. Not cool.

    Nowadays, I apply the principle if the pain is “Ouch! Fuck!”, I stop. I’m done for the day and might even push back my next workout or just drop an exercise for a period. If it’s pain as in “Whew! This is hard.” I keep going. It’s stupid to plow ahead for the sake of completing the workout only to have to miss a month’s worth of workouts by F’ing myself up.

    At our elderly ages you just don’t bounce back from an injury that fast and I have to keep in mind that I’m doing this for fitness and health (and poosy.) so if I injure myself I’ve defeated the purpose and set myself back worse. Not to mention it’s kind of hard to go on a date when you’re laying on the couch with an ice pack in one hand and the doctor on the phone in the other.

    There is a lesson in there somewhere that can be applied to other areas of life I’m sure. You can learn a lot from weight training.

  2. I ‘m glad you’re okay.

  3. writer.rich says:

    The fact that you even have a documented ‘leg day’ puts you ahead of 90% of the guys in my gym. The guys in my gym rest on the leg machines….until I get there. My MAP is from head to toe…not from the waist up. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Rod Freeman says:

    Good on you for just embracing the suck and powering through. I’m in my 40’s and I’ve found that the bizarre pains are more frequent, but don’t last very long as long as I stay in shape. I’ve transitioned over the past few years to total bodyweight exercises even though I still have a squat rack in my garage. If the weights get too awkward, check out the Convict Conditioning program or others like it. I’ve found my functional strength has gone up considerably, while things like my bench press max have decreased somewhat doing bodyweight work. I’m working diligently towards doing pure 1 armed pushups, single leg pistol squats and eventually a one armed chinup routine (gonna take me a couple more years for that last one though!)

  5. It was an exertion headache. Your suboccipitals tighten when you put your neck into extension and exert a lot of force. Keep your head in a neutral position with your chest up and chin down.

  6. Have to say.. any other MMSLers doing CrossFit? Truely one of the best ways to run the physical side of the MAP. I have gained 30lbs in 1 year since starting CrossFit. My wife loves watching me work out and it has made a HUGE difference to our marriage.

  7. As a woman, few things cause my body agenda to want to run away screaming than chicken legs on a guy. Come on! You walk on the damn things every day! If they don’t have a little bulge, what’s that say about your health and T levels? Then again maybe I’m just biased bc I can take like a single freaking tap class and see a huge indent under my calf muscle… Seriously though- stick legs are for scrawny little twig boys, not men!

  8. Try full contact martial arts. Legs might not be bulky but definitely toned and getting very solid. Knowing you can handle yourself against most ppl is a HUGE confidence booster in any situation, not just confrontations. Downside is that bumps, bruises and injuries are frequent. I’ve tested for rank advancement 3 times and come home limping every time. Upside, large bruises and limps brings a little attention from the ladies and assists in preselection.

  9. Hi Mate, Haven’t visited the blog for a bit then I read this! I don’t know about you, but when that happened to me on the same machine it turned out that I had dissected my right carotid artery! If I wasn’t awesome fit and a non smoker I was told I would be dead! Please man, have a scan to be sure. I had to be admitted to emergency(after suffering the symptoms for a few days) then had a stent inserted after it all calmed down. There’s more but I don’t want to bore you. I hope that your episode was not as serious as mine and you have it checked out.


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