I Had This Idea For A Show

Angeline:  I nominate @RPN to be @Athol_Kay’s first client on his reality TV show, where he installs video cams and dissects the beta fuckups, via earpiece.

Athol Kay is

… AlphaNanny.

Athol:  Actually… I’d take a deeper analysis approach. I don’t care about the Beta screw-ups, I want to get into the history and discover the actual source issues for all this.

It would be more like Law and Order. 

Mona: Yeah, but we all know which show would get higher ratings.

Athol:  Yeah the smart guy one that unearths the elephants and other assorted drama.

It starts off like a cross between Numb3rs and Cheaters, then goes into a cross between Dr Phil and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Tell me you wouldn’t watch that shit.

So anyway… lets play the imaginary show game. What should my show be like?

Jennifer:  Anything, just as I’m not in it lol!


  1. We remake Firefly.
    The original TV series was pearls of Alpha wisdom galore.

    Plus had a functioning model of Captain / FO, even if completely non-sexual.

    Ok, mostly non-sexual.

  2. TheatreMommy says:

    Yo! I’d watch it. You’d still have to film them… doing… eeeeverything.
    Sex. Car rides. Around the table. Each at work. Follow them around. Interviews with the family.

    If you do the Law and Order thing, make sure you get the “dum dummmm”

    And it would be one season per couple… starting out at the worst of the worst… following their MAP and their training and all the EAs and elephants and kids and family things… ending with two happy people, either still married, or healthily moved on.

    I have to see this new book of yours to see how this would go… but, the old book is more targetted to guys… so for the show, either complimentary woman’s therapy or some FO theory… Hosts should be Athol and Serenity. Or simply The Captain and First Officer…

  3. Yep It's Me says:

    Personally, the only real audience you can count on is the FEMALE one…so whatever appeals most to that demographic is the one to go with if you want to get it produced and on TV somewhere. One the other hand, if you really want to help MEN – probably need to go with YouTube or HULU as the medium – and make it a cross between TOSH 2.0 and Top Gear.

  4. Yep It's Me says:

    One more thing…

    Can’t comment, because I haven’t actually seen the show, but there is a show on BBC American called “James May Man Lab” — maybe your people (well you) could contact him and just do a segment on this show — sorta like how the Simpsons got started (cartoon short during the the Tracy Ullman Show).

  5. It could be like the movie Couples Retreat, or maybe Temptation Island.

  6. Athol as…. Judge Judy. Some of the worst cases may devolve into Hoarders.

  7. Mr_Brown says:

    I want real housewives of (name your city) shit tests smacked down by Crocodile Dundee!!

  8. Actually, it’s not a joke.

    There IS an upcoming reality TV dating show and the casting director is sniffing around the Manosphere and dating blogs looking for a host. I had a video audition three weeks ago:


  9. Angeline says:

    Hah! How did I miss this. What I had in mind was a series of hidden cameras in the subject’s house, and an earpiece for the subject, with Athol flagging the fails in real time (preferably with some kind of obnoxious buzzer sound) so the poor guy/girl can correct the behavior. If it wouldn’t cause great confusion at the dog park, you could eventually graduate to a dog trainer clicker. Sotto voice explanations from Athol (and maybe a color commentator) of red pill lingo and acronyms and terms and what we’re seeing, like at a golf tournament. Of course there would also be simultaneous live forum updates. With that Famous Movie Premiere Announcer Guy doing the intro.

    Mostly I was frustrated, because we’re missing some key piece of info for RPN.

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