I Got To Show My Daughters I Was #1 in Three Categories

I hate to be chattering about the new book endlessly, but I’m about falling off my chair here.

I came up with an idea to target a couple of very popular books, as in endlessly popular books and try and piggyback off them. The books had to be close to The Mindful Attraction Plan, but also a solid variance on them. “Just the same, but completely different”. I wanted it to be the sort of thing that shows up in recommendation lists on Amazon. You’ve read this, maybe you’ll like that.

I targeted The Secret and The Four Agreements. The Secret because The MAP kinda starts off like The Secret, but by the end of it you’re nowhere near the same place The Secret ends up. I targeted The Four Agreements because I really wanted to hit the “Self-Help – Personal Growth – Happiness” category and The Four Agreements has owned that for years. Anyway, deliberate keyword choices to get into the same categories as those two books. My goal was simply to get near those two books…

Slider Beating the Four Agreements

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Look maybe this is just one shining hour of sales. Really I get it. But you know, this is utterly amazing to me. I just wanted to get near those two books.

So thank you all who have given me that moment. I’m so excited. This has been a hard road to here some days and a double fist pump trophy hoisting moment is special because I finally got to show my children.

The girls know I write and basically that I write about sex and marriage, but we keep it pretty walled off from them. They’re also teenagers and while all teenagers want to know that their parents love each other and have a stable relationship, they don’t want to know about the fine details of their sex life. So there’s been a fair degree of “respectful distancing” of the topic. Dad writes and helps people with their relationships, that’s what dad does.

So after four years of forum work, blogging, writing books and everything else that entails, I got to call them over and point out my book on Amazon, sitting at the #1 spot in three categories. The third one is “Energy Healing” and I have no idea why I’m in there. It’s like winning an Oscar for sound editing or something. But my daughters got to see it. Dad is less weird now. It’s hard to argue with #1 in three categories. They’re proud of me. Then they both asked if we could replace the dryer.


Last I checked I was #1265 of all books on Kindle, so pretty amazing really. The highest the Primer ever got was about #3500. So right now the book is floating pretty high in the rankings on Amazon. Please, please, please review it right now if you’ve purchased it. It really makes a huge difference to my sales numbers.

The book is here on Amazon.

Jennifer:  The girls really were impressed…weird to see Dad on Amazon like that.  And yes, we need to replace the broken dryer before New England wintery goodness sets in.

More positive has come out of my life because of Athol’s writing than anything else I’ve read. The way he sets up his plan is simple to follow and the results I’ve had were beyond the positive results I expected. If you are ready to get your act together and don’t know where to start, this lays it all out. The funny thing is the further along you are in your MAP the more others will fall into line, your significant other, your kids, your boss, the people you are in charge of etc.. So buy this book and just get started!!!


  1. Don’t normally comment, but I just bought the book :) Another reason why your sales are probably doing well is because the majority of people who buy self help/relationship books are women, so by including women in the plan your book sales will shoot through the roof. Congratulations!

  2. I’m shedding tears of happiness for you right now. Congratulations. :)

  3. @RedPillWifey – Thank you.

  4. Omg. Everything we hoped for. So happy for you guys! Hugs to Jennifer. :)

  5. Ok, not everything. Let us know when the $million comes in. Lol

  6. Excellent book, Athol. Well done!! I wondered how the book would turn out written for both sexes. I honestly thought it would lose a lot of its zing. My fears were unfounded.

    I would give MMSLP to a friend in an immediate crisis first, and would give him this book as soon as he was done with the Primer.

    You hit it out of the park!! I sincerely hope you make millions. You deserve it for all of your efforts to help others with their lives.

    Review submitted to Amazon.

  7. I am going back to re-read now, and make my list of red, green, and yellow. The book is definitely helping me sort some personal stuff out. I was surprised that it really is not blue pill. Maybe the energy concepts could be thought of as blue pill, but even then you keep it all within the practical and logical. I was given The Four Agreements, but it is just not my cup of tea, I skimmed it, I passed. I read yours almost in one sitting, and like I said, I am going back over some chapters now. Maybe I am biased because of reading the forum, but I found the book extremely practical, common sense, and motivating. There’s enough in there to still piss off any radical feminist with a chip on her shoulder, and I totally laughed out loud with your comment at the end how this book is you as a gentleman and your other book is you as a street fighter. You know women are gonna go straight to look at the street fighter stuff LOL!!!

    I do know someone I wanna share the book with ASAP, so a gift has been already ordered. Cheers!

  8. alphaguy says:

    Waiting for the Kindle version…

  9. @alphaguy The Kindle version is in the link.

  10. Bruce mcara says:

    Just read the new book. I enjoyed it a lot but I like Married Man Sex Life… Much better.

    Both books have a purpose and each can stand on its own but the new book adds a different perspective so both are needed to get the full picture.

    Have you thought about a MAP workbook that guides people through creation of a personal MA P? I think it would be a nice addition an extra revenue generator.

  11. Very happy for you. I’m about halfway through the book and think it’s great. I went ahead and reviewed it on Amazon, because I know early reviews are so important. My review is pending; hopefully it will be published later today.

    It must have been a tremendous moment when all of this came together in your mind!

  12. Rewrite says:

    When does the physical edition come out?
    P.S. You need to get a couple friends to throw in some non-5 star reviews. It looks fishy when all the reviews are raves — especially if they aren’t more than 100 words or so.
    Just kidding.
    Sort of.

  13. Bill1113 says:

    Awesome… My review made the front page!! Thanks for correcting my autocorrect, lol! Congrats are in order to you Athol! And thank you for everything you’ve inspired me to do and be.

  14. Ninkasi says:

    Congrats! Now go update your “Books by Athol Kay” tab on your homepage.

  15. Katherine Kelly says:

    The writer knows a torment few would understand and I cannot imagine how you avoided writers block with the crushing responsibilities you carry but I’m glad that the “Angels of Flow” found you just as I’m sure success will.

    Please forgive my presumptousness but I hope someday you use your magnificent talents to right books for teenagers of the male persuasion that mix Red Pill teachings with adventure, honoring women worth honoring and most importantly knowing how to tell the difference between the two so that they choose a good partner so that some of the marital problems can be prevented before they ever have a chance to develop and fester.

    Be the father through your books that is missing in many young mens lives before they become young men.

    The women of the world will thank you, or at the very least I will.

  16. technovelist says:

    Wrote a short but very positive review. Congratulations!

  17. I would be so proud if you were my dad. What a rocking role model.

  18. Athol,
    Congrats! Very good to hear your book is doing well! You came up with a great plan to get your book recommended along with the other best sellers. That is a great marketing nugget! I think having a book that appeals to a wider audience will be great for it’s commercial success as well!

    You are an inspiration to all of us, I will go buy it right now so I can leave a great review for you.


  19. AnonEditor says:

    I love both of your books. The new book is written and edited better than the Primer. Having said that, though, if you want to compete with the big relationship/personal growth/self-help books, I think you need to have it professionally edited. The book has a lot of small punctuation errors and a few small wording errors that a professional editor could fix very easily. I’ve heard that CreateSpace provides editorial services for a reasonable fee. After that, I suggest having the Primer edited and a new cover created. That way you’ll have another very professional-looking book for all of the people who are introduced to your work through the new book. The books are great and I wish you tremendous success.

    Nothing I disagree with. All a time/money issue though. I’m planning a paint job for the Primer soonish.

  20. Congrats – review submitted. I knew this would be big. I remember seeing a blue-pill relationship speaker some years ago, and a woman asked him if he would write a book for men. He declined, because “men don’t buy relationship books”.

    On the dryer, before you replace it, check the vent. Mine was throughly clogged by bird nests, going back over 3 feet. No air flow, no drying, and the mechanisms will keep the heat low if it isn’t venting.

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