New Book: The Mindful Attraction Plan

The first thing a current MMSL reader is going to think on looking at the cover is, “Wow that looks just like a Blue Pill fluff book. Did Athol just sell out?”

If that’s what you’re thinking, then the cover looks perfect. It’s a Red Pill book, that looks, feels and sounds like it’s Blue Pill. The overall arc of the content is Red Pill, but I just don’t announce it with trumpets and sounding pissed off at the world. There’s no rage moments, it’s not scary, it’s relaxed even. It just quietly trickles little nuggets out along the way. It’s about as close as to making the Red Pill taste like strawberries as anyone will ever get. By the time you get to the push comes to shove part of the book, it seems utterly reasonable from even a Blue Pill perspective.

Your next thought is going to be, “Hey… Mindful Attraction Plan = MAP. What happened to the MAP?”

The short answer to that it’s a way of rebranding slightly, without throwing away the MAP acronym. The longer answer involves trademark concerns and some market positioning decisions. Overall though, the Male Action Plan principles are basically unchanged in the Mindful Attraction Plan. That being said, The Mindful Attraction Plan is amazingly focused on showing you exactly how to run your MAP.

The first part of the book is a very clear description of exactly how you become more attractive as fast as possible. I cover six areas of development you need to focus on – (1) Physical Fitness and Health, (2) Money and Material Possessions, (3) Displays of High Value, (4) Building Relationship Comfort, (5) Personality and Preferences, (6) High-Energy Sex. Within each area there’s a traffic light color coded system for things you need to do. Red = Stop It, Yellow = Fix It, Green = Do It. There’s no confusion about what you should be doing to improve your attractiveness and I even cover the exact order of importance your addressing things needs to follow. The (1) to (6) order is very important for example.

The second part of the book is about taking your new attraction and leveraging that into getting what you want. You guys will of course recognize the Phases of the MAP from the Primer, but that was just a single chapter in the Primer… this is the entire eleven chapters of the second half of the book. It’s clearer, more consistent and far more seasoned in its approach and expectations. So even if the book starts off feeling light, it slowly moves to a hard edged frame that you’ll be willing to take it to an ultimatum and not flinch about it if you have to.

It’s a really, really good book. If you have some Nice Guy friend trapped in a awful relationship, this is the book that will give them hope that a positive change is both possible and reasonable.

In comparison to the Primer, The Mindful Attraction Plan as a direct focus on how to run the MAP, is always polite, explains the connections between attraction building in all areas of your life, written for both a male and female audience, expands the MAP principles to employer and social group situations, and is simple to understand and get started. Also very importantly, it’s something you can openly read without fear your spouse is going to start flipping out on you for “reading some stupid sex book and trying to control me”. It’s a cooperative approach.

In terms of content, there’s about a 20% overlap between this book and The Primer. The Primer is by no means a waste of money or pointless to read now. The Mindful Attraction Plan content has also not appeared on the blog and isn’t “reused blog posts”. It’s all written from scratch.

And table of contents and back cover to see as well.

Anyway… the call to action…

I’ve just pushed the buttons on Createspace, so it’s a few days until you’ll see it appearing on Amazon and the release date is 7/4/13 for print ($16.99) and Kindle ($9.99) and it’s 196 pages as a 6″x9″. Woo-hoo! Independence Day!

However, if you have $50 and want a signed copy early, email me at (United States addresses only please) I’m only doing this for fifty copies though. I’m crazy busy with other secret stuff and Jennifer seriously hates standing in line at the post office.


  1. malcolm says

    check out, you can print out postage on your computer, and even arrange free pickup, so Jennifer won’t have to go to the post office

  2. Joe_Commenter says

    Sounds like a great piece Athol. Congratulations.

    Back when you started this project, you said you had an AHA moment, when you thought “wow, it’s so obvious. Why didn’t I think of it before”. Now that the book is done, can you tell us what that AHA moment was?

  3. says

    @Joe_Commenter – Sorry but I can’t. That’s in the 80 pages I tossed from this book.

    The good news being that I woke up this morning realizing which book (yet to be written) they belong in.

    There’s some other Aha! moment that made it into this book though.

  4. Joe_Commenter says

    Wow dude I just got done reading the deets of your 2010-2013. Pretty amazing that you provided all of that excellent marriage advice all the while being exhausted/depressed about your own situation. The crappy thing is that all of those struggles have to be kept pretty secret or they get in the way of your message. I also didn’t realize you had several projects in the hopper that didn’t pan out. Hope this book brings you enough fortune to at least be comfortable.

  5. modernmelbourneman says

    Where is the link so we can help you get some awesome per ordering goodness rolling for you?

  6. Mary says

    Looks good —only one complaint. Athol, you really need a new picture. A smiling one, perhaps?

  7. Angeline says

    Seems appropriate that your latest creation is announced on Father’s Day. Congratulations! Email on the way.

  8. pdwalker says


    Is there any chance of a PDF version I can purchase? Directly from you? For whatever price you name?

    I *really, really really* don’t want any important books on Kindle.

  9. jklm says

    This looks PERFECT. I think you already said ‘logical progression’ up there somewhere… but yeah, you always the guy who had the red pill info packed in a relatively accessible way that people could read without instantly being turned off and missing out on something really important, but a lot of it was still phrased… antagonistically. This will really make you stand out from the pack while being a way that I can explain what’s going on even to all my friends who are allergic to anything that sounds anti-feminist. And yet the information itself, as you say, is eminently reasonable no matter where you’re coming from.

  10. Liza Diehl says

    “Also very importantly, it’s something you can openly read without fear your spouse is going to start flipping out on you for “reading some stupid sex book and trying to control me”. It’s a cooperative approach.”

    YES! While my husband doesn’t police my internet activity, he keeps track of the $$ and there is no way I could have bought MMSL without him noticing and reacting badly to the title. And being written for a M/F audience makes it even better!! Thanks. I will be buying it on Kindle asap.


  11. Shaun says

    Athol, this is excellent. I can now recommend you to the 99% of people in my life who wouldn’t go near MMSL. Thank you. Of course for me part of why MMSL worked was because it was a kick in balls and I fear some of that may be lost in blue pill translation.

    One question on the business side, does this represent a new phase in your work? In other words, will you be “moving on” from MMSL- the book, the website, the forum, the “brand” to pursue this Mindful Attraction Plan “brand”? Or do you see a way to hold on to these different brands under some larger umbrella? The marketing/PR professional in me is curious (plus I selfishly don’t want to see you scrap the MMSL brand).

  12. Cromap says

    Athol when I first found the Primer I was looking for an audio version of it. I think you might be able to exploit the audio format as a revenue stream on itunes as well. Just a thought.

  13. Deli says

    Finally First Officers can adopt MAP on par with their Captains, and not worry themselves with invention of weird linguistic constructs like FAP.
    Because, honestly – everything you teach, Athol, is about reduction of fapping, not promotion of it. :)

  14. says

    Various questions…

    Nook & iTunes – Eventually. The Amazon stuff is #1 priority though.

    Audible – Yes I’m interested in this one.

    German Translation – not planned at this time, but it’s a nice idea. Translation is expensive.

    PDF – Not planning to as yet.

    MMSL Branding future – MMSL will continue to exist. There will be other stuff coming more MAP related though.

  15. Jocassee says

    Congratulations Athol. I hope this new iteration brings you even more success. WRT the forum, I’m sorry it has been a drain, but as someone considering marriage it has been a huge, HUGE help to me to see what to look out for and hot spots to avoid. I mostly lurk, but–it’s great.

  16. Sundance says

    I’ll buy a copy after I get back from Costa Rica. However, I am quite smitten with your old Red Pill approach of MMSL. But, I can see how that approach would seem offensive to most of the public. Looking forward to the read, and the differing Phases does need more content.

  17. sasha says

    yes, new photo.
    blue pill approachable with red pill masculinity
    (pink polo shirt, viking hat and a goatee???… just kidding)

    WhooHoo for the new book. Huge congrats!!!!!!
    Very excited for you and your family.

  18. type_plus says

    German translationwill be much appreciated, not only for my SO but also for all the other betas speaking german. And believe me, thereare plenty of them.

  19. Red_Pill_Saluki says

    After reading the Primer I thought, it’s nice, and helpful, but what I really need is an entire book devoted to the MAP. And lo, here it is. Looking forward to reading it.

  20. Seething Lurker says

    Gay! No, seriously, it sounds like a great idea – a Trojan horse red pill. Good on you. Can’t wait to get my copy. This may be a suitable wedding gift for future son-in-laws.

  21. Jonathan says

    One of the problems with the MMSL book is that it has quite a bit of crude/offensive language (dick, cock, slut, etc) that I do not like and that many people I know (conservative, fundamentalist Christians such as myself) would have serious problems reading.
    Does the MAP book “fix” this so that I can be comfortable recommending it to others?

  22. JellyBean says

    ::: clap and squeal :::

    Congratulations to you! I’m very proud of you. You put so much of yourself into this work. What you do is important and meaningful to me and to many others. I will certainly buy a copy to support you and to read all the good juicy info inside.

    Thank you for all that you do for me, for us.

  23. Yep It's Me says

    I don’t know what to think – glad you broke your writer’s block. Amazing how when the dam breaks, it just flows. I think you had a very specific niche before, but you gotta do what you gotta do. All The Luck – hope you sell a million copies (of the online version, because there SO much more money in it).

  24. The_D_Word says

    Well, not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but IMHO the strength of the Primer is that it doesn’t sugarcoat things. It calls a spade “a spade”, so to speak. I’ve read other books in my search for marriage help, such as Michelle Weiner-Davis’ “The Divorce Remedy”, that offered advice along similar lines (i.e. work on improving yourself, etc.) but I didn’t connect with them like I did reading the Primer. The Primer is more primal; it’s direct, honest, and doesn’t pull any punches. It doesn’t feel safe and comfortable; it shakes things up. For those of us in need of this unpolished approach, it is just what the doctor ordered. It doesn’t feel like an expert talking soothingly to you, but instead like one of your buddies pulling you aside and open-hand man slapping you back into reality. My 2 cents, for what they’re worth…

    Anyway, I haven’t read the new book, so I can’t comment on it other than to say I understand the desire to branch out to a wider audience. Good luck!

    That’s why the Primer is still available for sale. Some people will start with the Primer and then read the MAP book. Some will start with the MAP book and then read the Primer.

  25. Shadow_Nirvana says

    I think the red-pill community needs more stuff like this as blue-red pill mixtures, both as a way to reach out to more mainstream type of people and as a way of not becoming paranoid, bitter, jaded people.

  26. Yep It's Me says

    Read through your comments – and obviously you have a bunch of fans (myself included) – but for my money, fuck the mainstream and there is no between ground on the red-pill / blue-pill — as in there is no purple pill. You either deal with “how the world really works” and MTFU or you live in shadows and continue to wonder why your “world” is the way it is.

    ATHOL – I can’t comment on the new book and don’t know if I’ll actually purchase it – for my money, I’d like to see something specific to “mean of a certain age” that are dealing within the realm of confusion and distrust after finding out that most of their single, married, divorced and dating life has been BS (or ruled by a bunch of misguided assumptions and expectations). Glad you’re writing and helping the guys out there in their 20’s and 30’s to avoid the pitfalls, landmines and sinkholes.

    Keep writing and keep moving it all forward for the Men willing to listen.


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