Ornamental Publication Date: Apparently My Book is For Sale

So apparently setting a publication date for your book on Createspace, isn’t the same as having a release date.

I’ve got the book all edited and uploaded to Createspace and very carefully pick July 4th as the publication date. I figured that would give me time to play the sales push game without becoming obnoxious about it. I’ve also got a fair amount to get through by July 4th to follow up the book, so it’s all coming together. I’m exhausted from the blur that is looking at your own work until your eyes bleed. I push the button to approve printing with the same drama a movie President authorizes a nuclear strike.

The book shows up on Amazon quite quickly. Book is in pre-order and will ship on July 4th. If the price drops before then, they will match it. Awesome.

I take a bleary eyed nap and then go about the business of formatting for the Kindle version. Book still in pre-order. Cool.

The next morning people on the forum start squealing they buying the book. Yay pre-orders, I feel awesome. Then they say it’s already shipped!

WTF? Yup, the book is live. Dammit. Call Amazon, they say it’s a Createspace issue. Call Createspace, they say I approved it. I say noooooooooooo, I very carefully selected July 4th. They tell me that all I’m selecting is a line of text, there’s no actual functionality to the publication date decision. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

I can either just enjoy the ride, or shut the entire book down and reactivate it later, say on July 1st, hoping that it’s all the way turned on again for July 4th. Except it might not be. The 800,000lb Amazonian gorilla does book magic and it’s a little random as to when it works.

So the publication date is basically ornamental?

Yeah it is, sorry about that.

Ugh… First World Problems.

Anyway, 100,000 new books hit Amazon each month… so I decide to stay low and not annoy the sleeping Kraken. I crunch the Kindle version out. It’s all on.

The book is here…

Athol_Kay for Amazon 1250X2000


There’s other stuff happening behind the scenes, but I’ll get to that in a day or two. For now, if you can buy a book and get the initial wave going, it’s amazingly helpful to me.



  1. Athol,
    Just received an email from Amazon advertising your latest work of art! Great to see it finally released, can’t wait for my signed copy to arrive. Congratulations and here’s hoping it’s a great success!!!

  2. I’m only to Chapter 2 so far, but its like reading the first one for the first time all over again… things just make more and more sense.

    I’m just going to go ahead and believe that it coming out early was the Universe bending to my needs. :D Because July 4 seemed like AGES away and I really needed this book yesterday. So for what its worth – I’m happy for the mix up. I’ve already recommended it to a bunch of friends!


  3. Just bought it. Its going to be amazing…

  4. Wow, you didn’t know? I ordered mine from amazon.co.uk on Thursday. Was meant to be here on Friday but still waiting. Damn those tax-dodging giantesses.

  5. Psyched to see more info on attraction. I always start relationship advice to my friends by saying its the most important thing in your relationship.

    Is there a way to order an non-Kindle pdf? Kindle app doesn’t make it easy to copy and paste text for making notes.

    Not as yet. For now it’s in the KDP lending system and incredibly important that I “win” on Amazon as much as possible for the moment. I’m also in free falling catch up. I had planned two more weeks of work before July 4th…

  6. and two more things, while I think of it.

    The publication date is not ornamental. It is symbolic, and will be attached to the book forever in libraries across the cosmos.

    Can you do that link thing, where you get extra money, for UK and other territories? Too late for my purchase, but you have many followers around the globe…

  7. vaccinia says:

    Even better to start reading it on the 4th. Bought two!

  8. someguy says:

    Do I see a hint that PDF might come along at some point?
    I don’t have a Nook or a Kindle, (and don’t want either), but while the MAP has been working Very Well the last year or so my wife would have a conniption if she realized I’d been effectively gaming her, so I can’t really have a hardcopy that might be found at some awkward moment.
    I’m okay with waiting though, you bestselling author, you! :-)

  9. Already reading my kindle version. On chapter 3 and hope to finish by the end of the weekend. (Kindle reader is on all platforms..)

    Great work. Time to hit the forums and see if help abounds. Been MAPping for six months..

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