Coaching Finally Available

One of the purposes of The Mindful Attraction Plan book was to widen the scope of what I write about to a whole life perspective. Which then is a platform to allow me to advise from a whole life perspective…

…which is a way to say we’re finally in the position to do coaching services.

There’s still some odds and ends to add to the website, but for now I’d like to get started. The website is

The intent is that the MMSL blog and forum continue to roll on into the future as they have been. By adding the coaching as a separate website it helps keep it distinct as a service.

Behind the scenes, it’s also been a very interesting time for us. The publication of The Mindful Attraction Plan has been extremely clarifying for me as a writer about what works and doesn’t. It’s also been a major income bump… though it’s hard to know exactly where sales will go, but all in all it’s doing moderately better than the Primer and the Primer hasn’t dropped in sales. So assuming it holds, I just doubled my income. Which is both awesome and mildly freaky.

Added onto that, we’re starting the coaching practice. Yes I said we. It’s an LLC and Jennifer and I partners. She’s far more business connected than I am and has been invaluable. Assuming the life coaching takes off and can expand to multiple coaches, she’s the first on the list for the job. In all seriousness she deserves it and would be good at it. What she’s doing for work now (it’s a small field, but she’s endlessly #1 in Connecticut for her job) isn’t that dissimilar.


MMSL = Athol as an author.

MAP Coaching = Athol + Jennifer LLC

So anyway, what it sums out to is that I just signed another legally binding agreement with my wife. It’s the first one I’ve signed since turning on to the Red Pill et al. It’s a different experience. I expected some sort of “moment” doing it, but in all honesty it was anti-climatic and rather peaceful.

I think it’s called trust.

I trust my wife.

That’s a precious thing.

Anyway… go buy some coaching!


  1. pterodactyl says


    also: link at the bottom of the post is broken – there’s an extra T.

  2. Joost says

    Wow. Great to see it all come together. It’s amazing to see the amount of experience you’ve amassed by both MMSL, the forum, writing the primer and also writing your last book. Who knows, you might be setting a new standard in (marriage) counseling.

  3. Lurking Editor says

    There’s a typo in the link in the last line of your post (too many t’s in attratction!). The other links all work.

  4. Lurking Editor says

    oops, can’t believe i put a typo in that! i meant: too many t’s in atttraction! :)

  5. Peregrine John says

    It’s funny, really. The MAP (either wording) is so simple that if I got coaching from you, I’m pretty sure I know what you’d say. It’s not something likely to be of much obvious practical value to me until later into the process, where decision-making comes into play. But I have to say, it’s very tempting nonetheless. To be told directly is a strong motivator.

    If you just want decision making help, the One Hour Call is likely best. That’s the MAP though… it’s so simple to say “do X Y and Z”, much harder to consistently follow through on it.

  6. CuriousYoDude says

    If I read the coaching correctly, basically you (Athol or Jennifer) lays out a plan and then in a weekly call, you check up on the person and each week (or month) measure the progress of the individual? How above and beyond the book would this be, as I can see how this is a great deal if it translates the “knowing” of the book into “doing” (there’s too much info in today’s world and not enough action)?

    There’s a whole layer of in person skill in managing the process of change that the book can never replicate. I guess you could buy all U2’s albums, or you could have guitar lessons from The Edge. That kind of thing.

  7. Jay Bryner says

    Athol this rules. I love that you’re here in life. Kudos to you and Jennifer. This is awesome.

  8. 2manypasswords says

    Many congrats on your book sales success, Athol. Keep up posted on how the coaching goes.

  9. Peregrine John says

    it’s so simple to say “do X Y and Z”, much harder to consistently follow through on it.

    Absofriggalutely. Self-discipline’s never been my strongest suit. Curiously, the only way for me to afford coaching is to get far enough down that part of the MAP to begin with… But a big part of manhood seems to be breaking out of catch-22 situations. Just another one to shatter. I’ll be along soon as I can. In the mean time, the books are helping a ton, especially with structuring thought processes and goals.

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