Cooking Game: Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs . Easy breakfast, quick to cook, uses leftovers, lots of protein, tasty. Let’s get started.

Here’s the formula….

Eggs + splash of milk + sprinkle of salt = The Glue Holding Everything Together

Meat + Vegetable + Cheese = The Flavor

The Glue + The Flavor = Scrambled Eggs

Here’s what makes it so quick, tasty and easy….

…use leftover meat and vegetables.

Seriously that’s it. Last night you grilled some beef and peppers and you have a leftovers of a strip of seasoned beef and peppers… that’s already full of flavor and already cooked, so all you have to do is chop it up and reheat it. It’s really just that simple. ANY meat, ANY vegetable. It’s all works just fine.

So chop your meat up and your vegetables and toss them in a pan on medium heat. Add a little butter to stop it sticking, but you’re really just warming it all up rather than anything else.

Once that’s in the pan warming, get a bowl and start cracking the eggs. I use 3 eggs per adult and 2 per kid as a rough guide. I add “a splash” of milk which I guess comes to about a 1/4 cup of milk for 7-8 eggs. Sprinkle some salt on the eggs, take a fork and mix them for about 10-15 seconds tops. Seriously, just mix them and stop, you don’t have to try and frappe the damn things. Quickly mix and pour it over the top of the meat and vegetables in the pan.

Medium heat, maybe a squeeze more.

You’re going to occasionally stir the eggs and reshuffle them in the pan. The goal here is to try and keep them moist and fluffy… working toward the goal where the entire pan of eggs comes up to temperature at the same time, rather than cooking half of them on the bottom of the pan and having runny eggs on top. It’s kinda hard to pull off exactly, but good enough is good enough.

Right before you think the eggs are done. I mean right before. That’s when you add the cheese and not before. What you want is scrambled eggs + melted cheese nestled within the scrambled eggs. If you add the cheese early though, the eggs and the cheese fused together in something that tastes… er… reasonable, but the texture is horrible.

Adding the cheese right at the end works though, don’t even worry if it’s not melted in the pan, as you pull it all off the heat and start serving it up, the heat from the eggs will melt the cheese… and the cool cheese help will stop the eggs from overcooking further. Am I amazing or what?

Got all that?


Here’s the combination that will peel panties off.

Bacon + Fresh Baby Spinach + Feta Cheese

Bacon = The worlds most perfect food. Need I say more? Bacon always works and if it doesn’t, dump her and find a woman it will work on.

Fresh Baby Spinach = This is an uncooked vegetable, so we have to handle this one a little differently. Just add them with the eggs and cook them together. The leaves will stay “big” until they are completely cooked, when they shrink and wrinkle up. The good news is that eggs and baby spinach will complete cooking at pretty much exactly the same time.

Feta Cheese = This is the perfect scrambled egg cheese. It’s strongly flavored, comes already kibbled into small pieces and tends to stay intact in the scrambled eggs. So you get a small chunk of identifiable tasty cheese. It’s the MILF of cheeses.


When you get good at routine scrambled eggs… it scales up in size pretty well. Meaning it’s possible to switch out to a large casserole dish / big pot, and do two or three dozen eggs at a time for a big group of people. Just use more meat and more vegetables of course. It’s the slow warming up to temperature that’s the trick and having the entire dish suddenly cook through at once.

You can do this. Start small. Go bigger. Anyone can cook.


  1. Bacon = The worlds most perfect food. Need I say more? Bacon always works and if it doesn’t, dump her and find a woman it will work on.


  2. I’d suggest this dish as part of a romantic weekend breakfast!

    We add baked beans, fried tomato, fried mushrooms and toast to plain scrambled eggs. :-)

    I’d improve this to impress the mid to later life lady by using smaller portions or serving from a central dish so she can take what she needs. Sadly a 3-egg serve would make me feel ill just looking at it! Someone trying to stuff one full with huge portions is not appealing or romantic.

    Thank you for reminding me how nice scrambled eggs are and for the tips!

    :-) C

  3. 1101doc says:

    Try well smoothed sour cream instead of milk! Works well to nuke it for just a few seconds before beating into the eggs. Even a few lumps won’t hurt.

    Remember- eggs keep cooking for a little after being removed from the heat!

  4. Wayne Earl says:

    For Masters Degree, roll out an Omelet. Must have proper browned crust on each side to qualify. This is key.

    For Ph.D, go Spider Robinson Style with a Omel. An Omel is a full size, grown up Omelette. May require two spatulas to flip.

  5. realmatt says:

    Gordon Ramsey’s method for scrambling eggs is the best I’ve used.

  6. threemoreyears says:

    What sort of Blue Pill Wizardry is this? The Red King is teaching us to cook, to up our Alpha game? Next, “Vacuuming for AMOG”?

  7. 1101doc says:


    Taking charge of feeding your family/spouse is alpha. You make the decision. You make the food. Then when you ‘provide’ it to them, you’ve fulfilled an ancient ritual. Hunted, killed, and brought home “the bacon.”

    A great combination of alpha ‘command’ and beta providing.

  8. alphaguy says:

    If you can make scrambled eggs, you can make Frittata! That makes the panties come off even quicker!

  9. Katherine Kelly says:

    If you wish to add to your repertoire learning how to make Crepe’s is a wonderful complement to any meal because you can fill them with anything.

  10. Natalie says:

    Chinese fried rice also works :) My husband did a fair bit of that first trimester when cooking/eating/food just seemed like a bizarre hazing rite of pregnancy.

  11. Add for Flavor..
    Worcestershire sauce.

    No, I am not kidding. Just a couple of dashes. Too much spoils it.
    I use Season salt also.
    If you really want to, Onion Powder and Garlic powder too.
    As always though, experiment, and remember that with eggs, Less is usually more from a seasoning standpoint.

  12. Slipangle says:

    I’ve been doing mine daily a little closer to the Gordon Ramsey video, seasoning after it’s cooked and not before, breaking the eggs into the pan and mixing them while cooking. But there’s interesting things to try.

  13. OffTheCuff says:

    I make the spinach/feta thing all the time for breakfast, it’s my go-to when there is no leftover meat. Here’s one tip, fry up some minced garlic in the butter. It won’t taste garlicky, but it will have this great edge to the flavor. Also, I skip the milk and add in a few drops of pepper sauce to the eggs.

  14. One of the things I learned while being stationed in Japan is that you can add a fried or scrambled egg to also anything it is still tastes good or even better… You can add eggs to any rice dish, burgers, etc

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