Mindful Attraction Plan Review

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The book itself reads more like the life manual you *SHOULD* have gotten passed down to you verbally from your dad growing up. Unfortunately, many of us either didn’t have dads around or if we did, they lacked the know how and street smarts to explain all this to us:/ Maybe give your dad a copy himself- and one for your mom while you’re at it! It’s not that the advice is so outrageously revolutionary but that it’s so rare in this world of ours so lacking in common sense. You know you probably should have focused more on tangible job skills in college rather than just majoring for fun in a basically purely liberal arts field, but seeing it in black and white drives it home. You know you should get in shape and keep up a regular work out schedule but having it explained how that affects the other aspects of your life make it clear it’s a “must do” not just something that would be *nice* to do. You know you should get your finances in order but realizing that it’s limiting you in so many ways really makes it more urgent.

I’m still figuring out how exactly I want to set up my MAP beyond doing the basics of trying to get my act together and working out regularly so I have energy and health to better my life and marriage. I hate to say it but there’s a lot to work on:( However this plan is laid out pretty plainly- I can zero in on the worst areas first. I can say if this or well any of Athol’s writings had been around back in my teens, my life today would be much different. My 30?s, which are coming up in a few years, would be much less scary too! I’m hoping to see significant improvement by then.




  1. THX! Loved the book! Tried not to run on too long lol! It really helped me validate some issues I’ve had with my mother too. Oh and BTW rdg a book on energy and looking fit when in one’s first trimester of pregnancy with an already showing belly and wanting to sleep all the time was um interesting;) Made me figure out ways to feel better though by picking up and such as well as prioritizing rest since appearing energetic is so important!

  2. Like the koru-ised yin-yang on the cover – very kiwi

  3. @KNZ I’m glad someone noticed that! :-)

  4. Malcolm says:

    Any reason this new book is not in the “books by Athol Kay” section of the website?

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