Stay At Home Dad Tricks… the Shoe Organizer

Shoe OrganizerWhen my girls were little we had some of these for their clothes hanging in their bedroom.

It’s a shoe organizer for an adult… but with little kids… it’s big enough for a full change of clothes.

Put a complete outfit for a kid in each shoe holder. Then when they need to get dressed, they just choose a shoe cubby and take it all. The shoe holders pretty much go all the way to the floor, so even a toddler can reach at least half of them.

It’s empowering for the kid to be able to “choose”. Time saving for the parent to not to try and fish out an outfit from the mess. Just rotate the clothes down as gaps appear and put freshly laundered clothes at the top.

For us it also doubled as a cheap “toy holder” for the 23 million Pokémon my daughters acquired. It was important to collect them all.

That’s it.

Alert: Image links to but in all seriousness, we really did use these for the girls when they were little.

Now they use them for shoes.

Perhaps you would say, a plethora of shoes.


  1. Was that a subtle 3 Amigos reference there?


  2. shoe holders rock!

    I’ve got a short pretty one on the back of my bathroom door for misc girl products.
    One in my office for office supplies.
    One in the garage for camping, tools and whatnot equipment.

  3. charles says:

    I have an upright shoe organizer – that is, the pockets are “up” – that I am going to turn into an herb planter by hanging on a shed wall and filling the shoe pockets with soil and seed.

  4. Great movie.

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