Jennifer’s Amazing Thighs

So we’re on our walk, we walk a lot together, it’s just something peaceful and light exercise. Funny how enjoyable it is these days really.


Jennifer is a quiet, peaceful, polite, easy-going girl. Jennifer doesn’t yell across crowded rooms at people, she’s the type to walk across the room and talk to someone. So when I’m on a quiet peaceful walk, with quiet peaceful Jennifer, the last thing I expect is for her to suddenly blurt something out at 117.3 decibels.


I don’t often reach for the “Bitch WTF you talking about?” card. But…

“Ahhhhh…. I need a little more to go on.”

“At the Taste of the Caribbean, it’s thighs!”

Okay I tried saying it nicely….

“Bitch WTF you talking about?”

“The Jamaican chicken. They use thighs! That’s why it’s always so good. Kinda crunchy skin and a little fatty and yummy. It’s thighs! They use thighs!”


O.M.G. it is thighs. That’s brilliant.

I must tell everyone.

Here’s the story. About two months back we started BJ shopping… oh… I mean we started shopping at BJ’s Wholesale. Anyway, you can get 24 chicken thighs in six pouches of four and it’s been a nice go-to meal option. I get two pieces, Jennifer gets one, eldest gets one and youngest is a fucking vegetarian because animals have faces or something fluffy bunnies like that.

Jennifer:  -_-

Anyway, I’ve always had a mental image of barbequing chicken as being a bit tricky because of the odd shapes and getting it to cook through right. So never really bothered to try. But chicken thighs… and nothing but chicken thighs… holy crap barbequing them is crazy easy and ridiculously good. Moderate but evenly sized, the skin seals the juice in pretty well. Low heat and just keep them turning as needed. If they start to get too close to each other, just pull the thighs apart and put them where you want.

I had been using a very small amount of olive oil and seasoning, but…. olive oil and open flames seems to EXTREME FIRE.

So like I was saying, just coat the thighs in a good seasoning, be brave on this step and don’t hold back. Give it a good shake of the flavor. This is barbeque not cucumber sandwiches we’re making. My favorites lately are this Asian sweet ginger, garlic and sesame seed mix. There’s a red curry blend that rocks as well.

So there we go. Cheapest part of the chicken is the best to throw on the grill. Great just as thighs or slice them off the bone for a salad or something. And full credit to Jennifer for stumbling onto this one. Usually I’m the creative foodie and she beat me to this one so naming rights are hers. I’m just proud to say that Jennifer’s Thighs are amazing, I could dive in and eat all day.


  1. A.B. Dada says:

    In terms of that juicy fowl, try adding some Scotch Bonnet pepper to it. A tiny bit, it’s a hot one. That’s the secret in jerk seasoning.

  2. That was a sweet and yummy story all at the same time.
    My husband has a Weber Grill. Best investment ever. Can’t go wrong.
    And his barbeque thighs rock, as does his lemon chicken, pork tenderloin, steaks, grilled veges…

  3. Awesome! This is your best cooking post ever!
    A tip from Texas, where we grill everything, and all year-round: put any sauce on after cooking to totally prevent flare-ups from dripped oil or sugars. That allows you to keep the temp nice and even, so they cook slowly, and are even juicer than you’re imagining now! (I grill over wood or coals, and I’d bet you’re using gas or propane, so that’s less of an issue for you.)
    Try grilled veggies, too! I’ve even grilled fruit for a party dessert once.

    Boy vs. Grill might be my secret obsession.

  4. Nicholas Linn says:

    We have used a traeger grill for a few years now, always turns out good without and char. Key to chicken is locking the moisture in.

  5. Look up a recipe for Cornell Chicken. Brought to us by the man who gave us the chicken nugget. Simple marinade, mostly oil and cider vinegar. Add chicken – you can get away with a half hour of marinating time, but it really is better marinaded overnight. Grill, and enjoy. My wife and step-kids prefer drumsticks, while I’m a breast man. And yes, in the same way you wrote your article.

    Most delicious chicken I’ve ever had.

  6. At the risk of making light of alls what you wrote, a bit of me says “And? EVERYONE knows that”.

    Ahh, the benefits of growing up around first generation west indian immigrants! Jerk chicken, peas and rice, curry goat – luvvy grub!

  7. If they start to get too close to each other, just pull the thighs apart and put them where you want.

    I see what you did there, sir.

  8. This is my go to for lunch… I’ll take the 8 pack (from BJ’s as well) on sunday night… and pick my flavor for the week… Jerk, bbq, Buffalo,garlic, italian, Mojo, taco, fajita, you pick… whatever you want… cook up 8 of them, Bam 2 a day, plus some fruit and one day of leftovers for lunch… lunch for the week is done. if we are griling I grill them if not I throw them in the oven 425 F covered lightly with aluminum foil 45 mins. turn on the broiler after that, on low, take off the foil and let them go for another 5 mins to crisp them up.

  9. Michael Maier says:

    Eating thighs from BJ’s? Interesting piece… of writing.

  10. says:

    My name is always on the BJs list as a ‘joke’ – just after coffee and right before eggs. Priorities, people.

  11. Good post….I love it when you use the word ‘bitch’ always makes me laugh.

  12. Andrew St Pierre says:

    +1 on the thighs being the most flavorful part of the chicken. Love them barbecued or roasted in the oven. Dead easy to take to work the next day for lunch, too.

  13. Thighs are also the secret ingredient in Coq Au Vin. The recipe calls for an elderly rooster and some lard, but substituting thighs, with their higher fat content, lets you skip the lard and get better meat in the recipe AND still make a good wine sauce.

    Even at the 300lb neckbeard college phase I went through in the 90’s, , Coq au Vin still led to Coq Au Vagine.

  14. Lemon Pepper. You’ll thank me later.

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