Side Effects of Carrying Cash May Include Sudden Whoretex

Whoretex: A portmanteau of “Whore” and “Vortex”. A whoretex forms when a woman becomes suddenly sexually motivated in the presence of a man with money.

FuzzyBunny:  I work OT and pay off a large bill early.  No reaction.  I work OT again, when offered, and buy new comfy bed she likes.  Still no reaction.  Change out an outlet that was not working, get a BJ while watching TV.  2 months of no OT, griping about money.  I don’t understand.

I make enough to pay our bills and then some.  WTF?

Athol:  Firstly, you gotta get a new member name on the forum. FuzzyBunny isn’t very metal.


Usually the women have to actually see the money to have a positive emotional reaction to it. Money that is in bank accounts is often invisible to women, unless it’s not enough to cover the bills and they have a negative emotional reaction to it. So working some over-time, taking the money out of the bank and buying a new comfy bed with cash = win.  It’s kind of the same with the changing an outlet cover. It’s an objective observable task you did. It nets more points than something she can’t readily see.

Something else to consider is that women do adapt to a certain level of income and you don’t get points for it after a while. So if you make $25,000 a year and get a bump to $35,000, you’re going to get a happy wife reaction. Making $400,000 and dropping to $350,000, is in her mind likely a concerning fuck-up on your part. Objectively speaking $350,000 is more than $35,000, but the $35,000 wife is likely happier about things than the $350,000 one.

I don’t make the rules, I just report them with a wide brush. And just to repeat one more time, women aren’t all gold-diggers, but they are at least copper and silver-diggers. The bills have to be paid, nice things once in a while are nice. But there is unquestionably an adaptation thing where women hate going backwards in standard of living the same way men hate blowjobs vanishing off the menu for no clear reason.

Always have some cash if you can.


In terms of Jennifer and myself, all the book money just funnels into the joint checking account. She pays the bills and I trust her implicitly with handling that. But I do have a affiliate thing that pays into PayPal and now the coaching money gets funneled that way too. There’s been a couple times where “my money” has paid for something and she had truly a palpable look of relief. The big one being the month Amazon paid out several days later in the month than usual… now on the “wrong side” of the forum bill and scary close to the mortgage payment. It’s a nice feeling saying “no problem” and having “magically appearing” money in your hand.

I’ve also lightly teased her that giving her cash entitles me to additional services lol… and she’s been flexible meeting my demands. Bearing in mind all this is a game between us. Half the money is hers anyway. Even if I was technically paying her for sex, I’m paying her with half her money. So it’s really like a 50% off sale… which gets me to second base with Jennifer.

It’s actually kinda fun. Scratch a good girl, wave $300 and see how fast a whoretex forms to suck you dry.


  1. Whoretex: A portmanteau of “Whore” and “Vortex”. A whoretex forms when a woman becomes suddenly sexually motivated in the presence of a man with money.


  2. I mostly agree with the post, and I have noticed increased attention from my wife from making relatively small amounts of money compared to what we earn at work ($300-$1000) and she will seem to act excited. I think it gives a woman an extra sense of security knowing you will always come up with a way to make more money if needed…. I do think more is always better, but its more about stability, comfort, and security. Most people earning $350-$400K are self employed and their income is subject to economic fluctuations that can be outside your control. Once you reach a certain threshold of income, as long as you are not spending every dollar you make small fluctuations 10-15 percent fluctuations are just expected, but a 33-40 percent drop would definitely be noticed. So what’s probably most important is managing your finances well so you never run short regardless of what income level you are at…

  3. Paul Murray says:

    There’s a great deal to be said for paying your wife housekeeping money in cash. Folding stuff that you physically hand to her, instead of simply dumping money into a joint account.

  4. Sometimes my husband will tuck a $20 into my bra as I leave to go shopping….Sooo sexy.

  5. Joe_Commenter says:

    OP worked OT to get a new comfy bed she liked and got no reaction?
    Time to make it perfectly clear that you do not do anything extra unless she shows some appreciation. Working OT sucks. And if she doesn’t appreciate the effort then quite giving the extra effort.
    I thank my wife for doing the family laundry every week. I’m glad she does it. I sure as hell don’t want to. I make sure she knows that her housework is indispensable.

    Lack of appreciation is an insidious enemy in a marriage. People will go the extra mile for you if you give them appreciation for it. This wife is setting herself up to be very disappointed. Her man will not keep doing nice things unless she starts acknowledging his effort. This is relationship 101. This wife would never take her BFF’s for granted like this. Why is she doing it to her husband.

    Nevertheless, it is the husband’s job to fix this. He’s gotta tell his clueless wife that this is unacceptable. Captain has to set the rules.

  6. LOL Sis. That’s awesome.

  7. LovesWimminz says:

    So, my lady pays for everything for the house/bills, tracks everything in a spreadsheet, and gives me a number at the end of the month, this number includes going out expenses, etc. If I care enough, I can ask exactly what was bought, but I can focus on making the money rather than taking care of the details. This arrangement makes me happy.

    She really loves it when I demand ‘services’ before handing over the cash, to the extent that the one time I didn’t, she acted very upset and hurt. More to the point, sticking $100 to a girl’s face with semen is apparently always a win, YMMV.

  8. He’s gotta tell his clueless wife that this is unacceptable.

    I agree. She needs an attitude of gratitude.

  9. Kickboxer Girl says:

    I feel that you referring to getting a 50% discount for sex with Jennifer, even if you were attempting to be facetious, is disrespectful to her and to all women. I know most men love sex but what sort of women are you with who get turned on by money. Am I just emotional today and reading more into this because it’s the first time Athol has offended me and the way I feel about being a woman.

    Jennifer has editing and veto powers over all my posts. If you’re offended at me, you’re offended at her too. We’re having fun together.

  10. Yep It's Me says:

    Couldn’t agree more. When I first met my wife and during the first few years of our marriage – I made close to the $200K level – then the unthinkable happened, the internet bubble burst and the income went to Zero in about a month. Spent the next 6 years making no more than about 20% of that money – talk about a severe strain on our marriage.

    It was interesting times for both us and she held on as long as she could – I give her credit for that. Never fun living with a pissed off woman and a disillusioned man. Time are better now for both of us – although, since she hit the wall, she hasn’t been lucking in bagging the next husband – as for me, I’ll wait and marry for money next time, hers.

  11. Reminds me of Ian Ironwood’s story when put $100 bills all over his soon-to-be wife’s naked body

  12. Women are turned on by men who can fix things. Any man can flash money around, but not every man can mend the electrics etc.

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