Breathe People Breathe, We Bought Tools Not Toys

I’ve received a ton of financial advice in the last week. What I should spend, how I should spend it, what amount of savings I need, stocks, bonds, real estate… what I should fix myself. Some emails were rather nasty and personal. But for every doom and gloom communication, I’ve had 8-10 communications from people just plain excited for us. It’s really touching.

We had a decent income spike. We bought a bunch of new stuff replacing broken stuff. I simply do not have the time to learn mechanical engineering sufficient to learn how to fix the broken stuff myself. Other dudes came to my house and installed new stuff, replacing the broken stuff I don’t know how to fix. While other dudes were here, I earned enough to cover the cost of other dudes and saved myself about three days of confusion and frustration. Also the carpet stayed dry, which I really couldn’t guarantee if I start messing with devices that do anything involving a water supply.

We’ve learnt some painful lessons over the last few years about money. MMSL has been a ridiculous risk in terms of our finances and it’s nice to have reached a point of balance where we hit enough paydirt to make a lot of the pain go away. Like I said in the title, we bought tools, not toys.

The question is what from here?

Well… same thing we do every night. Jennifer is still clipping coupons, though eventually working with me. Together we’ll be heading toward more books, more coaching stuff, more blog posts and all purpose world domination helping people. We just have some more money to leverage things is all. Same shit, different pay.


  1. Shadow_Nirvana says:

    Woohooo! More books, more blog posts!

  2. Hi Athol,
    Congratulations on the pay dirt! You have worked hard for it and deserve all the rewards, stuff the knockers and people advising what to do with your money. It doesn’t concern anyone other than you and Jennifer, and being the wise man you are I am sure that you will know what is best for you guys. Thanks for all your great advice over the years, keep up the great work and here’s hoping that things keep going strong for you. All the best mate!

  3. Love the clip! Too funny.
    I’m just shocked that you’re not going to run out and try to do all the things people are telling you to do….. Okay, maybe not so shocked.

  4. You’re still doing it wrong.


  5. I laughed out loud, literally, from the feedback you were getting. I am thinking, hell he bought a washer and dryer, not a Lamborghini people. There is nothing wrong with replacing the daily “tools” with something of higher quality when you come into money. Too often, people truly blow it on something frivilous, not life enhancing. So….go enjoy your deep freeze, washer (and maybe dryer) and AHA a new laptop for Jen. And…we can’t wait for new blog posts. :)

  6. First thought on reading the title: “Huh. You’d think the Kays of all people would be fine with buying toys.” And that is why you read the post before you make up your mind. Congratulations.

  7. Risk & Return. Although I studied this in school, I didn’t grasp it. I thought I could work around it with superior education and long hours at a desk.

    You took more risk than most, and are earning the return. That’s how the US was built. I’m proud of you, and grateful. Good luck Athol. I hope you enjoy continued success.

  8. anatomaous says:


    You’re content level is dropping to low to remain a regular read. The problem is that as you’ve become more successful giving away free material on the blog is just a waste, and I generally agree, but you need the blog to be successful. The answer is to bring on some co-bloggers.

    Luckily, you started the forum some time ago and you’ve had time to get exposed to the regular posters and know which ones will be a fit with the website and you. It’s time to bring the best ones on board as content providers. You may also want to consider a female ::gasp::, but there I said it. I think that would be the best all around solution.

  9. I’ve mentioned this before. Working with your wife could cause a lot of turmoil in the marriage. When do you turn off work? What else do you talk about? The need to have a social circle away from your wife is very important… just my $.02 from a guy that started his own business and brought my wife in thinking it would be good in the hood and almost ruined my marriage! She went back to work in the corporate world after about 1.5 years because we fought all the time and just talked endlessly about our business with no sexy talk…

    Also, Dr. Glover of No More Mr. Nice Guy fame became a friend after I attended some of his men’s group sessions (another way to make a ton of money BTW. 8 guys in a room for a couple of hours once a week) and after he wrote his book he really wanted to get out of the family therapy business and now spends way more time on his website than doing one on one therapy. Therapy/Coaching can turn into a grind after a while, but it is good money if you can keep the spigot open..

  10. Hey Athol, if you have time, and want to become more grounded in some financial concepts, I would highly recommend reading and learning from Joshua Kennon at

    Good luck, and I’m glad to see you start reaping some rewards. I can smell a MAP Seminar in the future, no?

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