Nineteen Years Together

Not that the 16 Years post, or the 17 Years post had much to say, but the 18 Years one was a little longer.


Let’s see. This is has been the best and worst year of my life I think. I think if I called it ‘The Year of Starting, Survival, Transition and Body Building” I’d have it about right.

I’ve pretty much spent two hours looking at my screen trying to write something profound that explains the year, but it all sounds either too whiny at the hard parts, or too much like bragging at the good ones.

That’s about all I got.

Happy Anniversary baby.

I’ll bring the Jumper Cables, but I need you to go to the store for the butter. We’re all out of that.



  1. Wendy says

    Congrats Athol & Jen! May this coming year be a ton much better than difficult, and how fun that you guys are headed to your 20th with all the new projects. Best wishes for health, love, and $$$$

  2. says

    I second the Kerrygold butter, and congratulations on a year which culminated in being the cog that jumped out of the corporate machine. May you grind many more gears to a halt.

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