Valentine’s Day and the Gift of an Alpha Experience

@Dewy:  Here’s my dilemma: Earlier today, my girlfriend announced by text that since I am not there on Valentine’s Day this year we should celebrate it this early, this weekend. And she’s expecting a present. Apparently her therapist suggested that we need to be more romantic, and as we don’t normally do much for Valentine’s, we should make a big thing of it this year.

At first the exchange started off pretty lighthearted. She dropped hints about silver or chocolate presents. I dropped hints about more intimate “gifts” instead. She fought a bit for the cause of materialism, and I jokingly pointed out how unmaterialistic I am (and made more sex jokes). But she kept on about presents and eventually suggested that I was making her “feel judged for suggesting we try something fun and different”. (I guess I don’t like being told I’m expected to by expensive presents for someone, or else…).

What do I get her? She just texted me to say she is “buying the components of my present now”. I need to do something in response, however minor, but there are two problems. (1) I have virtually no free time in the next 24hrs to get her anything, and (2) I’m annoyed how she is putting me in this situation of demanding something at the last minute.

Is this sort of a fitness test? If so, is it a shit test or a loyalty test?

Athol: Okay, let’s do the Fitness Test vs. Loyalty Test thing first. Fitness Test meaning she’s looking for some sort of Alpha attraction building response, and Loyalty Test meaning she’s looking for some sort of Beta relationship comfort building one.

This one is pretty ugly because it’s actually a Fitness Test AND a Loyalty Test presented in a Double Bind. Meaning you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

If you act like it’s a Fitness Test and somehow bump back on it and don’t get her something, then it will very likely be announced that you’re failing a Loyalty Test and your lack of gift signifies that you don’t care about her. That claim will be backed up by the authority of the therapist having recommended in. No gift = bad.

If you act like it’s a Loyalty Test and just immediately run out to the fancy gift store like a dog chasing a thrown tennis ball… she’ll eat some of the chocolates, then as her blood sugar dips she’ll find a way to express her quiet disappointment you’re so biddable. Probably by complaining all this chocolate is going to make her fat and you’ll sabotaging her. Gift = bad.

So…. what to do…

Well, (I’m armed with a little extra information from another forum thread,) I suspect a part of the reason she’s depressed / in therapy / on SSRI’s is because she’s in the situation where she’s struggling to find ways to hamster herself into staying with a guy that’s currently low Alpha and high Beta.

My suggestion is to give a gift of something that equates to an Alpha / high dopamine / high stimulation experience for the two of you. i.e. Ride rollercoasters somewhere, parachute jumping, date night out somewhere unusually good, ziplining, waterparks, a seriously extreme bouncy castle with no regard for safety.

There is a gift, so it meets the Loyalty Test side of the Double Bind.  But it turns the Fitness Test around on her and turns the acceptance of the gift into a Compliance Test that she has to pass. She has to step up and do the high stimulation experience, otherwise she’s chicken and/or bitchy for not accepting the gift. Double Bind that back at you baby. Which sounds a little manipulative but all you’re really doing is running your MAP in a way that dovetails with Valentine’s Day. Just add an Alpha experience and give her what she actually needs from you, rather than what her therapist thinks she wants.

@Dewy: Has anyone ever told you that you are a genius?! Most of those activities are a bit out of my budget, but I started rock climbing 3 months ago as part of my MAP and she mentioned she would like to try it. Plus it will be a good opportunity to Display High Value with my mean climbing skills…

Athol: So dear reader…

What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?



  1. Awesome answer. Gordian Knot Cleaved!

    Dewy, just remember to make it a challenge for her, not for you. Let her accomplish something, rather than have her quit in fustration.

  2. Shadow_Nirvana says:

    So… Back to red pill terminology?

  3. Wonderful ideas :)

  4. I’m giving Mrs. I chocolate this year.

    Let me back up . . . I am hand-making from scratch an entire assortment of high-end, mind-exploding chocolate truffles for Mrs. Ironwood this year. Gift. Plus personal touch. Minus wallet-bending expenditure. Plus I really like making chocolate. If I was a single dude in my 20s, I’d be a chocolatier and be getting booty like a three-legged pirate.

  5. Ian, I’d copy that scheme…except that I’d eat the chocolate. But it’s brilliant.

  6. Ladd MaccAodh says:

    Last Valentine’s day, I took my girlfriend out horseback riding. I done it before a few times, so I wasn’t a complete scrub – but more importantly, I went and scouted a few ranches beforehand, picked one that looked good and was within my budget, arranged ahead of time to get a really compliant gelding for my own horse, and picked a ranch with a female guide who wouldn’t AMOG me the whole time.

    The end result is that she had a great new experience, while I got all my alpha points by riding like a pro – mostly because I had a horse who was so well trained that even my own near-zero skills looked good. A good three-hour ride later and she was beaming at me (note those last two words).

  7. Peregrine John says:

    Ian’s right: taking up chocolate making as a hobby has several kinds of awesome, with bounteous rewards. ‘Course, I then got hitched to someone who’s not much into chocolate, so… Yeah.

  8. Good to have you back fella. Don’t leave it so long next time, we were getting worried.

  9. Ian, thanks for the great tip. I made truffles for my very new (1 month old) girl friend and she was blown away. That and the rose petal covered walk into my apt, up the stairs and then to the couch finding me with a red bow on. And a ,imple but very nice 5 course dinner saving the truffles for desert. Almost a GFE date with me being in charge of everything, including the bedroom fun that night.

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