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Nice Card Mean Card: How Nice Men and Good Women Can Win at Relationships

36 short videos, coming to just under four hours of total video. You can watch the first few videos for free on Vimeo.

We have all at some point run into the problem of weak personal boundaries and having someone run over the top of us and take advantage of the situation.

Or put another way, we played the Nice Card and they played the Mean Card. Repeat that cycle a few times and relationships can quickly stop being fun.

This series is about learning a simple, clear tool that cuts through the uncertainty of whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of you, and gives you an equally straightforward solution as to what to do about it.

You’ll learn how to spot and handle incoming Mean Cards in real time, and learn how to encourage people to play more Nice Cards in your direction. All without needing to become unpleasant yourself.

All 36 Episodes are Live!


The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife Series

If you’re a long time MMSL blog reader and have read the Married Man Sex Life Primer and/or The Mindful Attraction Plan, you will have already come across many of the concepts covered in this series. There are however a number of important additions and clarifications from early material that are well worth discovering. For lack of a better term, this is about as close to a MMSL Primer 2 as there will ever be. The most important improvement is the ordering of the material for someone new to Athol’s work and in a stressful situation. It is explicitly designed to give you exactly the knowledge you need, and the actions you need to carry out, exactly when you need them and without throwing any distractions in your path. If you are new to Athol’s work, please start here.

1 Part One NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife: The Complete Series

This is all FIVE PARTS totaling 26 episodes and a total runtime of 20 hours.


All 26 Episodes are live! Click here!





1 Part One NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 1

The Truth About What Really Attracts Women

Core Questions: Why is my marriage floundering? It started off so good and now it’s like we’re roommates. How do I get it back to like it was at the start of the relationship?

Key Thoughts: That marriage is always a sexual relationship. Sexual relationships are driven by three primary biological drives. Understanding these drives gives you the tools you need to start recovering your relationship. Introduction to Alpha and Beta concepts.

All 5 Episodes are live! Click here!


2 Part Two NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 2

Creating Positive Relationship Momentum

Core Question: I’ve learned the basics, now how do I act as quickly as possible get to the point where our relationship is good and having lots of sex again?

Key Thoughts: Relationships have momentum and your best bet is focusing on a long term strategy of increasing her interest level in you, rather than pushing for sex when she doesn’t want it. Further development of the concepts of Alpha and Beta to find the precise flavor of each she best responds to, and which flavors of each she doesn’t really care about.

All 6 Episodes are live! Click here!


3 Part Three NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 3

Being the Strong Man She Wants to Follow

Core Questions: How do I get her to stop being disrespectful to me? How do I stop the fights about nothing? When she fights dirty, how do I handle it?

Key Thoughts: Most wives look to their husbands to take on a confident, relaxed family leadership role. When the husband does this, a great deal of relationship drama disappears. In addition it also starts evoking a more positive sexual interest in him. This introduces important concepts like Leadership Moments and handling the internal power dynamics of a happy marriage.

All 5 Episodes are live! Click here! 

4 Part Four NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 4

Bedroom Confidence and Responsive Sexual Desire

Core Question: How do I get her to be really, really sexual with me?

Key Thoughts: Most women have a responsive desire and best respond to an attractive man making confident sexual approaches on them. This series covers fine tuning initiations that actually work. Knowing how to make her want to push her sexual boundaries with you. How to let go and enjoy the sex more yourself. Plus how to make outside the bedroom playfulness turn into inside the bedroom fun for both of you.

All 5 Episodes are live! Click here! 

5 Part Five NewThe Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 5

Winning the Peace and Keeping it Won

Core Question: This has been a lot of work to get here. Can you make it any easier? This feels like I’ve been doing it all alone and carrying the relationship myself the whole time.

Key Thoughts: Once a relationship is up to speed in terms of it’s momentum, it requires less energy to keep it there. Once you’ve “arrived” at the relationship being in a good place, the things that trip you up and make the relationship start heading downward, tend to be more emotional and whole life energy in nature. There is a genuine transition from trying to “win the war” in your relationship, to trying to “win the peace”. This covers the emotional struggles that you will face along the way of turning your relationship around. It’s unquestionably the most challenging part of the series.

All 5 Episodes are live! Click Here! 


  1. LongLostFriend says

    Good content, but I only have one wife. Do I need the guide to “wife 2,” wife 3,” etc.?

    Perhaps a review of your title arrangement…?

  2. dalef says

    And it’s wife 7 I’m having trouble with; when is the guide to her coming out?
    (tongue firmly in cheek)

    LOL ty – Athol

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