New Video Series: Nice Card Mean Card

Nice Card Mean Card on Vimeo!Hi there!

The all purpose quick wave of the flag that the new video series Nice Card Mean Card: How Nice Men and Good Women Can Win at Relationships is out.

36 short videos, coming to just under four hours of total video. You can watch the first few videos for free on Vimeo.

We have all at some point run into the problem of weak personal boundaries and having someone run over the top of us and take advantage of the situation.

Or put another way, we played the Nice Card and they played the Mean Card. Repeat that cycle a few times and relationships can quickly stop being fun.

This series is about learning a simple, clear tool that cuts through the uncertainty of whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of you, and gives you an equally straightforward solution as to what to do about it.

You’ll learn how to spot and handle incoming Mean Cards in real time, and learn how to encourage people to play more Nice Cards in your direction. All without needing to become unpleasant yourself.


  1. James says

    I read your book “The Married Man’s Sex Life Primer 2011″ and while I found it informative and interesting it didn’t speak to me personally. My wife and I are past the child bearing age. The menopause merry go round throws all the ovulation talk out the window. Add to this the social burdens of being care givers to elderly parents and aging siblings, trying to keep up in an ever more competitive workplace and a lack of stamina and it takes its toll on a physical relationship. Do you have any books for the aging couple that’s not ready to be done with sex but can’t seem to muster the gumption to make it happen more the once a month?

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