Athol and Jennifer Kay

Athol & Jennifer's WeddingAthol Kay is an innovative thinker, humorist and family man with a one track mind.

Athol gets an endless stream of quite brilliant ideas every day, most of which quite turn out to be complete garbage. But a tiny handful of his ideas are on point, and once identified as such, he endlessly repeats them to anyone willing to listen.

He is a “Mixed Marital Artist” combining a variety of relationship approaches from evolutionary psychology, Pickup Artist “Game”, sociology, biology, life experience, romance novels, crappy women’s magazines, far too many books, blogging, behavior modification and poorly applied Vulcan mind melds. He has distilled all this research into a few outstandingly effective tactics for gaining happiness and sex in marriage.

Athol’s earliest experience with delving into sexuality issues comes from the discovery of “The Hite Report” on his mother’s bookshelf when he was ten years old. The resultant keen interest in written sex instruction and research is therefore quite fully his mother’s fault. Athol was born three weeks late and is still trying to catch up.

Jennifer Kay is like a cross between a Care Bear and Bathsheba trying to blend in with soccer moms. Which is probably better than saying she played the clarinet in band in high school and had a bleaching accident that Athol thought gave her really hot looking hair.

Jennifer works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Athol doesn’t die of starvation in front of the computer keyboard and generally holds up the home front. Technically, she is not a single mother.

Jennifer is an occasional contributor to the website, but is more involved in the editing and approval stages of all of Athol’s writing before he publishes it. This is in no small part due to his lack of grammar, but mainly because Athol occasionally says things about her that her mother might read.

Athol was born in New Zealand and met Jennifer nine days before he was due to fly home after working on a summer camp in Maryland in 1991. Long distance for three years, they finally married in 1994. Married for 17 years, they have two daughters and live in Connecticut. They have a carefully balanced relationship where Athol dreams up all kinds of weird stuff, and Jennifer doesn’t leave him.

In a strange twist of fate, Athol and Jennifer became internationally famous for having sex over 5000 times in their (at that point) 16 year marriage. A fair approximation of virgins before they married at age 24 and 22, they just started going at it like rabbits doing cocaine and never really eased off. Jennifer is only slightly chafed.

Athol and Jennifer are the real deal. They are an ordinary couple who do the ordinary couple things extra-ordinarily well. With smarts, heart and a lot of laughter, they can teach you to do the same.