Athol & Jennifer's WeddingAthol was born in New Zealand and met Jennifer nine days before he was due to fly home after working on a summer camp in Maryland in 1991. Long distance for three years, they finally married in 1994. Married for 17 years, they have two daughters and live in Connecticut. They have a carefully balanced relationship where Athol dreams up all kinds of weird stuff, and Jennifer doesn’t leave him.

In a strange twist of fate, Athol and Jennifer became internationally famous for having sex over 5000 times in their (at that point) 16 year marriage. A fair approximation of virgins before they married at age 24 and 22, they just started going at it like rabbits doing cocaine and never really eased off. Jennifer is only slightly chafed.

Athol and Jennifer are the real deal. They are an ordinary couple who do the ordinary couple things extra-ordinarily well. With smarts, heart and a lot of laughter, they can teach you to do the same