Coaching Service: One Hour Call

With the 12-Week Guided MAP there’s plenty of scope for serious in-depth coaching. But sometimes you just have a few general questions, or want to run something by a coach to get an outside viewpoint. All three coaches have excellent insight, compassion, problem solving skills and honesty of opinion.

It’s also a great way to get a sense of the next possible step and whether or not you feel comfortable talking with an individual coach. As a bonus, if you then go on to buy a 12-Week Guided MAP the $99 for the first call will be applied toward it.


ATHOL 48 LR Athol Kay: Sex and Relationships, Task Completion, Figuring Out Tangled Messes.

Available Coaching Hours: Eastern Standard Time

Monday – Thursdays 8a-10pm

One Hour Calls: $149


Rebecca Headshot 3Rebecca Watson: Specializing in low Testosterone marriages, helping women display high value and set personal boundaries, and coaching men in sparking their wife’s hidden sexuality.

Available Coaching Hours: Eastern Standard Time

Monday, Wednesday-Friday 9am-8pm Saturday Noon-5pm

One Hour Calls: $99


Brian3590Brian C. Rideout: Brian specializes in helping men find their Alpha-male frame. He works with socially anxious people, betaized men, and nice guys to help them become, strong, assertive and confident. Brian believes that you solve problems with action, not talk, and has made that the core of his coaching program. His style focuses on practical exercises, simple tools, and scripts, to make bringing your most impressive and powerful self forward easy.

Before joining the MAP program, Brian often used Athol Kay’s tools to help men build rich and exciting sex lives; today, he is proud to be part of the Mindful Attraction Plan team!

Specializations: Confidence, Alpha Frame, Assertiveness, Overcoming Anxiety, Personal Effectiveness. Health


Available Coaching Hours:  Eastern Standard Time

7am – 7pm on Monday, Wednesday-Friday 7am – 11am and 5pm – 7pm on Tuesdays. 7am to 12pm Sunday

One Hour Calls: $99


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