Coaching Service: One Hour Call

With the 12-Week Guided MAP there’s plenty of scope for serious in-depth coaching. But sometimes you just have a few general questions, or want to run something by a coach to get an outside viewpoint. All three coaches have excellent insight, compassion, problem solving skills and honesty of opinion.

It’s also a great way to get a sense of the next possible step and whether or not you feel comfortable talking with an individual coach. As a bonus, if you then go on to buy a 12-Week Guided MAP the $99 for the first call will be applied toward it.


ATHOL 48 LR Athol Kay: Sex and Relationships, Task Completion, Figuring Out Tangled Messes.

Available Coaching Hours: Eastern Standard Time

Monday – Thursdays 8a-10pm

One Hour Calls: $149


Rebecca Headshot 3Rebecca Watson: Specializing in low Testosterone marriages, helping women display high value and set personal boundaries, and coaching men in sparking their wife’s hidden sexuality.

Available Coaching Hours: Eastern Standard Time

Monday, Wednesday-Friday 9am-8pm Saturday Noon-5pm

One Hour Calls: $99


Brian3590Brian C. Rideout: Men’s Issues, Overcoming Limitations, Personal Success.

Available Coaching Hours:  Eastern Standard Time

7am – 7pm on Monday, Wednesday-Friday 7am – 11am and 5pm – 7pm on Tuesdays. 7am to 12pm Sunday

One Hour Calls: $99


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