Coaching Testimonials

@AlphaBelle:  No where, in all the counselors and therapists and pastors we’ve talked to, has anyone given me anything to hold on to that kept me from drowning in hopelessness. You reached out in the coaching sessions and gave me tangible help, something to get up each day and do, that was more than theory and ideals and moralizing.

Andrea B: “We are only just beginning our coaching journey but it has already proved to be very helpful.  When we had a very low point during the week, we were able to put our issue on hold until our next call and not let it derail us completely.  The weekly calls with follow-up summaries are a great format.  Insightful and manageable relationship To-Do lists with accountability.  Genius.  Athol is very positive and encouraging but also politely direct.  We are both hopeful that we’ll make progress as individuals and a couple.”

 Richard H:  If you find yourself “stuck” in various facets of your life, consider using the 12-week MAP as a jump-start. It is a multidisciplinary, tailored approach that is accessible to anyone. As a coach, Athol will hold you accountable each week as you jointly set goals. Having gone through the program don’t be surprised if you find the “attraction” part of the plan working on people besides your intended target, if you have one. As you follow through with your goals you will slowly gain the conviction that things will work out, though it may not be in the way you expected. Very highly recommend for people in all sorts of situations.”

 “K”: Following a painful divorce I grieved, immersed myself in trying to understand marriage, and eventually married a wonderful man. Unfortunately, the honeymoon period was all too short and I soon found myself nearly celibate and bogged down with stress and confusion about this second marriage. New lingerie wasn’t going to fix this.

It was helpful to read The Mindful Attraction Plan – it explains the counter-intuitive dance of power and seduction of marriage better than any other I have read. The book is also an excellent tool for self-evaluation and for developing an action plan to get out of stuck. Unfortunately, my self-evaluation showed me that my life is a bit of a mess, and I felt overwhelmed about where to start. I also wanted objective feedback about the private details of my everyday life, but I didn’t want to spill my guts to a friend or even an anonymous forum. Coaching made sense for me, and I’m really glad that I signed up.

Athol is very insightful. He has cut through all the details of my complex situation, and analyzed what I need to work on. Sometimes his advice has surprised me. For example, one of my first assignments was to replace doors in my home that had been damaged by my ex-husband. Once the new doors were installed, I realized how those unpleasant reminders of the past had been draining my energy away from building a new life with my new husband. I also appreciate Athol’s tactful honesty. He was frank about how unattractive my “nice girl”/doormat behaviors are to a man…without hurting my feelings.

I’m at Week 7 of the coaching program and I can see results. I feel more confident because I know that I am taking charge of my life and focusing on what I can do to change my situation. My efforts have resulted in many small but concrete improvements in my life, and my husband has definitely noticed. I think he is also paying attention to how I am valuing myself by asking for what I want and expect in our marriage. The dynamics are definitely shifting in the right direction, and Athol deserves a lot of credit for guiding me towards working smarter to achieve my goal of a full, satisfying marriage.

 Sam:  “I’m exhausted from marathon sex last night.”