Glossary of Forum Terms

Alpha – The personality and behavior that attracts the opposite sex romantically.

Dopamine – The primary neurotransmitter driving “enjoyment” feelings and romantic interest. Alpha triggers a dopamine response.

Beta – The personality and behavior that creates relationship comfort in the opposite sex.

Oxytocin – The primary hormone related to feelings of trust and personal affection. Beta triggers an oxytocin response.

Testosterone – The primary hormone for creating baseline sexual desire.

Low T – Low testosterone. A common problem in men age 35+ resulting in low overall motivation levels and sexual interest.

EA – Emotional Affair. Deep personal interaction and feelings, but no physical boundary crossing.

PA – Physical Affair. Affair that is sexual.

OM / OW – Other Man / Other Woman. Referring to an affair partner outside the relationship.

OMW / OWH – The Other Man’s Wife / The Other Woman’s Husband.

MAP / FAP – Male Action Plan / Female Action Plan. The process of self-improvement to increase your attractiveness, potentially driving the relationship to an ultimatum.

Option A & B – The hard ultimatum to either choose “A” (commit to the relationship) or “B” (sign the divorce papers).

C/FO or C&FO – Captain and First Officer. A marriage where the couple accepts a planned power structure where one half of the couple takes responsibility to lead the marriage while the other plays a support role. Based on the concept of Star Trek and/or Commercial Aviation Captain and First Officer roles.

Captain – The leader of the marriage. Usually the husband.

FO – The second-in-command of the marriage. Usually the wife.

DEER – Defend Explain Excuse Rationalize.

Hamster – The part of the human brain that is responsible for DEER.

TMI – Too Much Information.

MMSLP – The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011. I.e. the book.

BSC – Batshit Crazy. A loose term describing someone incapable of being reasoned with and displaying extremely poor behavior.

BJ / HJ – Blow Job. Hand Job.

PIV – Penis in Vagina.

MIL / FIL / SIL / BIL – In laws. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother in Law.

SAHM – Stay At Home Mom.

SAHD – Stay At Home Dad.

STBX – Soon To Be Ex.

LTR – Long Term Relationship.

H / DH – Husband / Dear Husband.

W / DW – Wife / Dear Wife.

GF / BF – Girlfriend / Boyfriend.

SR – Sex Rank. Your “number” of hotness on a 1-10 scale.

DHV – Display of High Value. Something that improves your Sex Rank.

DLV – Display of Low Value. Something that decreases your Sex Rank.

ED – Erectile Dysfunction.

PE – Premature Ejaculation.

KWIM – Know What I Mean?

FWIW – For What It’s Worth.

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion.

AMOG – Alpha Male of the Group.

OTOH – On The Other Hand.

NMMNG – No More Mr Nice Guy. Reference to a book commonly read with MMSL.

ILYBINILWY – I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.

LJBF – Let’s Just Be Friends.

FWB – Friend With Benefits.

TL:DR – Too Long Didn’t Read.

IIRC – If I Recall Correctly.

IRL – In Real Life.

IOI – Indicator of Interest. A small sign that someone finds you attractive.

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary.

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump. A guy that doesn’t understand women and as a result never gets laid.

SMP – Sexual Marketplace.

SMV – Sexual Market Value.

Body Agenda – The body’s desire to propel you into sexual relationships.

Nice Guy – Someone unfailingly nice who is destroying their attractiveness by weakness.

Hypergamy – The desire to have the most attractive partner possible.

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