Alpha and Beta Male Traits

There are two primary needs a woman seeks being met from a man, before she can feel both sexually interested in him, and comfortable in allowing herself to actually have sex with him.

The Alpha Traits are those associated with classic “manly man” strengths. Power, dominance, physical ability, bravery, wealth, cool and confidence. Oh and good genes. These are the things that attract women and turn them on sexually. The Alpha Traits are linked to the dopamine response in women.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is the “behavior reward” messenger in our brains. If anything feels good or is fun, it means there’s some dopamine involved. Dopamine is also responsible for the highly addictive effects of drugs like cocaine and other addictions like gambling, shopping, eating and sex. Dopamine encourages risky behavior and is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel “in love.”

The Beta Traits are those associated with the strengths of being a nice guy / “family man”. Kindness, being a good listener, the ability to help with the children, dependability, thoughtfulness, compassion and patience. These all create a sense of comfort and safety for the woman, and relax her because she feels that if she became pregnant, the Beta Trait male isn’t going to abandon her and the baby.

The hormone oxytocin is linked heavily to the response to the Beta Traits. Oxytocin makes women feel “loved” and creates trust and empathy for others. For example there is a massive oxytocin release during child birth that bonds a mother to her new baby. Oxytocin is also released during orgasm and bonds a woman to her partner.

So Alpha Traits create attraction and that “in love” feeling, and Beta Traits create the pair bond and makes her feel relaxed enough to have sex. You need a balance of both Alpha and Beta in a marriage to maximize her desire to have sex with you.

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