Captain and First Officer

Women love strong men and enjoy such men leading them in relationships. Women respond with sexual interest to men that are in social positions above them, and typically have minimal interest in men in social positions below them. Or in plain English, women are far more likely to fall in love with their boss, than with someone they supervise.

The typical words used to describe a male led relationship are “male dominance and female submission”, but that carries with it serious risks for misunderstanding. In the workplace a chain of command is easily understood, but in a marriage relationship it can easily create an image of an abusive husband and abused wife.

The Captain and First Officer model seeks to harness the erotic potential of a male led relationship (Alpha), but to do so with clear concern for the welfare of  the female (Beta).

As a way of immediately understanding a male led relationship, the Captain and First Officer model is a metaphor based on the Star Trek pairings of Captains and First Officers…

Kirk and Spock

Picard and Riker

Sisko and Nerys

Janeway and Chakotay

Archer and T’Pol

While there is a chain of command, both roles are valued and positive.

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