How to Choose a Wife

Most single guys want a date, so they go looking for a girl to have a date with.

When they have a date, they want to have a second date.

When they have a second date, they want a third date.

When they have a third date they want a girlfriend.

When they have a girlfriend they want a serious, steady girlfriend.

Then the serious, steady girlfriend turns into a fiancé.

Then a fiancé turns into a wife.

So they went looking for a date, and ended up with a wife.

How to Choose a WifeUnfortunately what makes a girl great for a date, isn’t always what makes a woman great for a wife. But it’s only after the wedding that some critical mistakes in wife selection become apparent… but by then it’s too late.

The how to choose a wife articles are designed to make you think about what you really want in a wife, and to hunt for women that are “wife material”. Getting married is the most serious decision you will make in your entire life, so don’t base that decision on blind faith and luck.

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