Instigate, Isolate and Escalate

Instigate, Isolate, EscalateThere are three basic elements to getting a woman to have sex with you.

Instigate: By instigation I mean you simply make a move on her. All you need to do is engage her attention and make it known to her that you are interested in pursuing her sexually. The standard approach is one of confidence and playfulness – displaying that you aren’t afraid of her rejection.

Isolate:  Newsflash… unless they are crazy or wildly drunk, women do not want to display overt sexuality publicly. They do want to display overt sexuality in private. So before a woman will start allowing herself to be seduced in reality, you must move her to a second more private location – like your bedroom. Usually simply allowing herself to “go back to your place”, is her signaling she is interested in having sex with you.

Escalation:  Women respond strongly to physical touch. They actively resist being touched by men they have no sexual interest in… “he’s creepy”. But with men they are moderately to highly interested in, when she is touched, she becomes increasingly open to having sex with him. This starts with basic touches on the arm and kissing, progresses to touching breasts and butt, and then generally stripping off her clothes and getting to the naughty bits as quickly as you can.

These three elements are still required in a marriage to engage her in frequent sex. Isolation is easy as you go to bed together, but many husbands become so Beta that they stop Instigation and Escalation.

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