The MAPThe MAP is a coherent and practical plan to tie together all the ideas expressed on MMSL, into something that will work to improve your sex life. Whether your sex life and marriage is sexually dead, just a little stalled, or pretty good, the MAP will have a positive effect in your life.

The MAP isn’t about controlling her, or tricking her, it’s a plan of self-improvement for you. By maximizing your balance of Alpha and Beta Traits into the most attractive version of you possible, you increase your appeal to women in a general sense.

When you run the MAP, one of two things will tend to happen. Your wife will start responding better to you sexually and your relationship will improve, or as your Sex Rank starts to pull away from hers, your relationship will fall apart. However should your relationship fail, you will still be vastly more attractive than you were, and in a much better place to find a partner that will connect with you. Either way, you can win.

As an aside – this website is loaded with so much high quality information for FREE that my marketing guy can hardly sleep at night. But I do have to make a buck at this and the most important pieces of the MAP are only in the MMSL Primer.

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