Terms of Use

1. This is a blog. As such standards of scholarship may vary from post with no warning made apparent. Approximately 17% of the time I am drinking an alcoholic beverage while writing posts. Be advised.
2. Readers hold me harmless for negative outcomes based on following any suggestions on this blog. Not everything works.
3. Published posts are on occasion edited by myself and that may or may not be without notice. Usually it’s a spelling or formatting issue. Upon occasion that low truthiness is offensive to myself, or to clarify a point, posts may be edited lightly, heavily, or even deleted completely.
4. This blog is not intended to replace the advice and instruction of your own medical, legal or marriage licensed providers. It’s certainly not meant to replace advice from plumbers or electricians either. If something requires licensed professionals, use them and follow their advice.
5. In real life I am a nurse. However I am not your nurse, nor am I providing any form of nursing service to any reader.
6. Comments are moderated by me as I see fit. I generally do not edit or otherwise alter comments as long as they provide discussion in the context of the post. Simple insults directed to me or other readers and commenter’s are typically deleted as soon as I get to them. Please bear in mind that Blogger has very limited tools for moderation on comments, leaving me an option to either remove the comment completely, or remove it permanently. Which honestly doesn’t seem like much of a toolset, but there we go.
7. Reader questions are very helpful for me and extremely useful. As such, submission of email questions, comments or testimony may be used in part or in whole as blogger fodder. If you wish for this to not be the case, it needs to be stated in the email. In general I don’t display personal information of readers on the blog, but the onus for clarification of what is not to be posted on the blog is on the person emailing me information.
8. This blog is not intended to be offensive, but if you are offended please accept my apologies and click to a different website. If you stay viewing the blog while you are offended, you are granting me permission to offend you further and I will likely take advantage of that.
9. While this is by no means an “adult” blog, it is very much a “grown up” blog. Much content is simply aimed at adults and not at children. Those reading under age 18 need to do so with the permission of parent or guardian.
10. Reserved to deal with something unforseen….