The Forum Leadership


@Athol Kay is retired from active moderation of the forum, though remains present on the forum as he can. Please always remember his time is extremely precious and his forum time is secondary to his time creating new content and ideas.

Core Task: Hanging Out, Spreading Enlightenment.


Mod-Jen@Jen_Kay is the administrator of the forum and responsible for the handling of billing and membership changes. She tends to be a neutral person in terms of advice and is the absolute final word in moderation and membership levels.

Core Task: Membership Management, Forum Administration.


Mod_Serenity@Serenity – a.k.a. Rebecca Watson, is a Senior Moderator and oversees more serious moderation issues, and is also a MAP Coach.

Core Task: Attending the Gold area Running My MAP category, General Moderation, MAP Coach.



Mod-Angeline@Angeline is a Category Moderator and oversees the Gold category “The Fungeon”.



Mod_Maria@Maria is a Category Moderator and oversees the Gold category “Women’s Room”.



Mod_Scarlet@Scarlet is a Category Moderator




Mod-Tiger @Tiger is a Category Moderator





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