The Membership Levels

The forum currently has three membership levels: Free, Silver and Gold.


Free Membership

You can comment on threads.

You can start threads.

The 911 Category, however, is in view only mode. If you have a thread moved into the 911 area, you will be granted a Silver Membership on a one week basis.

You cannot start a private message thread, though you can reply to them.

The Gold Category areas are invisible.

You cannot have a signature line.

You cannot upload images to threads.

You are limited to the standard Vanillacon avatar.

In a sense, Silver is a “normal” membership and Free Membership is a limited version of a Silver Membership.


Silver Membership

Silver is the “normal” membership and you become a Silver Member by emailing @Jen_Kay a proof of having bought one of Athol’s books. A receipt of any kind, or a “book selfie” is acceptable. @Jen_Kay’s email is

You can comment on threads, including the 911 Category.

You can start threads, including the 911 Category.

The Gold Category areas remain invisible.

You can have a signature line.

You can upload images to threads.

You can upload a new avatar image.


Gold Membership

The Gold Membership opens up hidden areas of the forum and has additional functionality.

You can start a Private Message thread with as many members as you like.

There are advanced settings for notifications.

The Gold Category areas are open.

You can have signature lines.

You can start polls.

You can upload new avatar images.


In addition, there is the option to choose the “Zen Garden” option and gain access to the Gold area, but hide the remainder of the forum from your view. This creates a vastly more peaceful and focused forum experience.

The Gold Membership area has a particular set of expectations that is somewhat more focused than the overall forum. Read more about that, and how to sign up, here.

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